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Strategic Planning Committee 



  • Strategic planning is an organizational management activity 
  • Used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, & strengthen operations
  • It ensures that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals
  • Establishes agreement around intended outcomes/results
  • Assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment



  • Review the OLLI mission statement
  • Develop ideas for growth and improvement
  • Come up with strategies to achieve said growth and improvement



  • Assess current program data, and seek additional data where needed
  • Set priorities, inclusive of short and long term goals
  • Create a timeline 
  • The committee will utilize collected information to develop a five-year plan, along with a financial projection.
  • Identify key performance indicators and plan to use them to track the progress against the goals set in place
  • communicate the strategic plan to the entire organization
  • Create visual aids for communication of information to our stakeholders
  • This will keep the entire membership invested in the organization and provide opportunities to contribute to the successes of the overall plan.
  • Assign specific tasks directly related to the strategic plan to staff members responsible for the achievement of the success
  • Assess staff member performance of tasks
  • Monitor the performance of the strategic plan, evaluate and assess the timeline monthly to stay on track.
  • At the end of each fiscal year, staff will review the committee’s achievements and success and schedule time to build on that success by conducting strategic planning for the next year. 

6 Pillars of Strategic Planning:

  1. OLLI Research
  2. Financial Planning & Giving
  3. Future OLLI Programming
  4. Stony Brook Southampton
  5. Marketing & Advertising
  6. Main Campus Assessment
Sub Committee # 1, OLLI Research:
  • Breanne Delligatti
  • Andy Fong
  • Jothi Curcio
  • Paul Mohan
  • Barbara Gollub
Sub Committee # 2, Financial Planning & Giving:
  • Diane Perillo
  • Fred Avril
  • John Gobler
Sub Committee # 3, Future OLLI Programming:
  • Breanne Delligatti
  • Ed Metzendorf
  • Jackie Day
  • Caroline Kiang
Sub Committee # 4, Stony Brook Southampton:
  • Diane Perillo
  • Jothi Curcio
  • Sue Parlatore
Sub Committee # 5, Marketing & Advertising:
  • Diane Perillo
  • Andy Fong
  • Ed Metzendorf
  • Sheryl Sessa
Sub Committee # 6, SBU Main Campus Assessment:
  • Breanne Delligatti
  • Fred Avril
  • Jay Zuckerman
  • Jerry Ebenstein