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Advisory Board

The OLLI Advisory Board represents OLLI’s membership by supporting the OLLI Program Director & the leadership of the School of Professional Development in the operations of the program as outlined in OLLI Policies and Procedures. Members who are elected by the members to hold a position on the OAB are the voices of the program’s members in a direct access point to the OLLI Office Admin. & the School of Professional Development. An election for officer positions is held annually during the Spring semester. All elected officers are voting members of the OAB. All members are encouraged to participate through attendance & discussion at meetings. Meetings of the general membership are held three times a year.

For more information on joining the Advisory Board, please contact the following chairperson(s).


Image of Jothi Curcio

  Jothi Curcio

  OLLI Advisory Board President



Past OLLI Advisory Board Presidents 

Ruth Pasternack, 1988-1990    

James A Fowler, 1990-1991

Myron Ledbetter, 1991-1992

Howard Goldberg, 1992-1993

Hank Foglino, 1993-1994

Judith Kertzner, 1994-1995

Theodore Moorman, 1995-1996

Rhoda Spinner, 1996-1997

Carl Siegel, 1997-1998

Joseph Parella, 1998-1999

Egon Neuberger, 1999-2000

Edward C. Johanson, 2000-2001

Beverly Smith, 2001-2002

Richard Cunningham, 2002-2003

Fran Robinson, 2003-2004

Barbara Korin, 2004

Kenneth Buxbaum, 2004-2005

Robert Belsten, 2005

Joe Quinn, 2006-2007

Ellen Guarnieri, 2007-2008

John Gobler, 2008-2009

Mark Salz, 2009 - 2010

Jerry Ebenstein, 2010-2011

Fred Friedman, 2011-2012

Arnold Katz, 2012-2013

Helen Emmerich, 2013-2014

Stephen Goldstein, 2014-2015

Jeff Hollander, 2015-2016

Paul Knel, 2016-2017

Bob Mirman, 2017-2018

Ira Kurtzberg, 2018-2019

Edward J. Metzendorf, 2019-2020