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OLLI Special Event Trips


On this trip you will receive: Round trip transportation via coach bus 2-hour Walking Tour of Central Park Entrance to the the New-York Historical Society with a docent led tour.

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming trips by checking this page & your email!



OLLI at Stony Brook University offers its members a variety of experiences and learning opportunities both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. (Additional fees may be required)

Off-site Trips and Events

OLLI offers members the following options for off-site trips and events:

Option 1  – These trips and events are organized, managed and promoted by external, professional event planners who offer a broad range of pre-planned trips and events to the public that OLLI members can choose from. All of the details including registration, collection of fees, negotiations, contracts and payments to event subcontractors are managed by the professional event planner.

Visit the   Prime Time Travel  website for a complete menu of activities that you and your friends can register for today! Just click on one of the links below for more information.

One Day Trips  - 

Multi-Day Tours  -

Note: These trips and events are not exclusive to just OLLI members. OLLI members are encouraged to reach out to their OLLI classmates and friends, form a group and then select and register for their favorites. Unless otherwise indicated, however, OLLI members can expect to join and meet non-OLLI members who may also be participating in their selected event.

Option 2  - The OLLI office is also working on exclusive, "OLLI-only" trips and events with  Prime Time Travel . Watch for more information on this website and in future member emails.


OLLI also offers special, annual organized events to its members. Each event offers members an opportunity to participate as volunteers to lead and assist with the planning and implementation of each of these events.

Dinners and Luncheons  – OLLI traditionally celebrates the conclusion of its fall and spring semesters with a luncheon or dinner at some of the most celebrated venues on Long Island. These events typically draw over 200 OLLI members which makes for a fun event complete with fine dining and entertainment.

Art Exhibits & Literary Teas  – OLLI is proud of its pool of talented artists, creative photographers, poets and writers. Each semester the OLLI Arts Council volunteers organize and promote exhibits and demonstrations at OLLI and at venues in neighboring communities.

Special Lectures  – With a mission of "expanding intellectual horizons in a University setting", OLLI's offering of special events proudly includes the Special Lecture series, which brings to OLLI speakers from a large variety of areas of interest to our members. These events are typically hosted by volunteer workshop leaders who recruit speakers with specialized knowledge and experience in the subject matter that is offered in their workshops.


Our members tell us that one of their favorite benefits of being a University-hosted program is access to all sorts of interesting and exciting campus-wide events. Whether it's Arts & Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Music & Theater, Athletics or any of the dozens of specialized departmental programs on campus, OLLI frequently receives invitations to attend and/or participate in their program presentations. It's all part of being an OLLI member at Stony Brook University!

Visit the Stony Brook University Calendar to see the wide range of activities you can participate in:  

Events Calendar

This calendar contains all upcoming OLLI events and workshops.