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About Us

The   Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Stony Brook University (formerly the Round Table) is open to all retired and semi-retired individuals who are interested in expanding their intellectual horizons in a university setting.  Avenues for participation include: peer-taught workshops, lectures, special events, committees, and social activities. 

This program is administered by Stony Brook University's  School of Professional Development.  


Workshops and activities are open to all members, subject to limitations on space, facilities, or other considerations. The annual membership fee is $325.00, to be paid with registration at the beginning of the fall semester.

Members’ Roles and Responsibilities

Members should plan to be contributing participants in their workshops. Involvement includes but is not limited to discussion of assigned readings, reports, debates, and panels. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend general meetings and committee meetings in an effort to share the responsibilities for the growth and well-being of OLLI.


The curriculum is the core of the program, as OLLI is a cooperative that utilizes its members’ experiences and talents to plan and lead workshops and educational programs for themselves and their colleagues.  The responsibility of the Curriculum Committee is to encourage and develop new workshops, recruit and train workshop leaders, and to prepare the schedule each semester.  Once a list of workshops is developed, the course descriptions are printed and circulated to the membership for both the fall and spring semesters. A summer session may also be scheduled in June. The offerings in this session are fewer, but are usually well attended. 


In cooperation with the leadership of the  School of Professional Development, the program has developed a set of by-laws as a means of governance. All members are encouraged to participate in governance through attendance and discussion at General Membership Meetings that are normally held each month during the academic year.  Members vote on major actions and policy as jointly recommended by the Executive Board and SPD.

In the spring, the membership elects its officers: President–Elect, who serves a year in that capacity and then automatically becomes president for the following year, finally serving as immediate past-president for another year (for a total of three years of service); Members-At-Large (who serve for two years) and the office of Secretary (who serves for one year).

All elected officers, as well as the appointed chairpersons of the two standing committees (Curriculum and Budget), are voting members of the Executive Board.

The practical administration of the daily activities of OLLI is carried out by the Director, Assistant Director, and Staff, who are salaried employees of the University. Their offices are located in Room S101 in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building.

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