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Discovery and development of new and potent anticancer agents, antibacterial agents, anti-inflammatory agents, and various enzyme inhibitors are the major research interests in Professor Ojima's laboratory. Integration of all relevant chemistry and biological tools, including computational biology (docking, in silico screening, molecular dynamics), chemical biology (protein expression, enzyme assays, fluorescence labeling), cell biology (cell culture, cytotoxicity assay, fluorescent confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, transmission and scanning electron microscopy), has successfully been realized in this program. Naturally, this research program is promoted in close collaboration with cell biologists, oncologists, microbiologist, pharmacologists, hematologists, toxicologists, etc., as well as the  Division of Laboratory Animals Resources for in vivo efficacy evaluations. The Ojima Laboratory has also been exploring and developing new synthetic methodologies, especially based on catalytic organic transformations, including enantioselective processes, cyclohydrocarbonylations and higher order cycloadditions and carbocyclizations, which provide the basis for the efficient syntheses of biologically active substances of medicinal interest, such as those anticancer and antibacterial agents mentioned above.

Ojima Research Laboratory 2022
Group News and Announcements







Congratulations to Dr. Hehe Wang on successfully defending his thesis, earning his Ph.D. and receiving the Department of Chemistry Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research!

Dr. Hehe Wang and Prof. Iwao Ojima

Congratulations to Binna Chen for earning her B.S. in Chemistry with Cum Laude distinction!

Good luck to Hehe Wang, Chuanzhou Zhu, and Seungyoun Shin on their upcoming Ph.D. defenses!

Photo (from left to right) Binna Chen, Hehe Wang, Iwao Ojima, Seungyoun Shin, Chuanzhou Zhu

Congratulations to Veronica Duncan for earning her B.S. in Chemistry!

Veronica Duncan

Congratulations to Divya Jagnarain for earning her B.S. in Biochemistry with Summa Cum Laude distinction!


The second Ojima Distinguished Lectureship Award in Chemistry was presented to Professor John F. Hartwig, Henry Rapoport Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley!

Stony Brook University News Article

Watch the lecture

Prof. Iwao Ojima and Prof. John Hartwig



DHA-SBT-1214 Takes a Major Step Towards Clinical Development! Congratulations to all past and present collaborators!

Stony Brook University News Article

Dr. Iwao Ojima, center, developed a second generation taxane formulation that shows such promise to treat cancer that the compound has been licensed for product development. With Dr. Ojima are Sean Boykevisch, PhD, Director of Stony Brook’s Intellectual Property Partners, left, and James E. Egan, CEO of TargaGenix.



M.S. Student Jacob Isaiah Acosta Jr. joined the Ojima Research Group.


Ph.D. Student Jiyun Chong joined the Ojima  Research Group.


Ph.D. Student Yogesh Kakade joined the Ojima Research Group.


Ph.D. Student Joey Chuying Zou joined the Ojima Research Group.






Happy Birthday to Pat! Congratulations to Pat for her 25th anniversary in Ojima research Group! Thank you for your contributions and we are so lucky to have you!



Ojima group alumna Dr. Krupanandan Haranahalli was featured the ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry 2020-2021 highlights

Stony Brook University News article

J. Med. Chem. article







Congratulations to Dr. Adam Taouil for earning his Ph.D.! We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!


Dr. Adam Taouil and Prof. Iwao Ojima

Congratulations to Dr. Saerom Kim for earning her Ph.D.! We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

Dr. Saerom Kim and Prof. Ojima

Welcome Shubhra Rajput, Ph.D.! Dr. Rajput is a Visiting Scholar interested in nanobiotechnology, computational biology, natural
plant products, and drug discovery.

Shubhra Rajput



Welcome Simons Summer Research Program participants John Heraghty, Samir Batheja, Kevin Kurti and Richard Zhuang!

From left to right: John Heraghty, Samir Batheja, Kevin Kurti and Richard Zhuang

Welcome undergraduate students Binna Chen (B.S. Chemistry) Veronica Duncan (B.S. Chemistry), and Divya Jagnarain (B.S. Biochemistry)


Binna Chen

Veronica Duncan

Divya Jagnarain


Welcome Prof. Melissa Van Alstine-Parris of Adelphi University! We look forward to working with you during your sabbatical as a Visiting Professor.

Prof. Van Alstine-Parris



Congratulations to Dr. Lei Chen for earning her Ph.D.! We wish her all the best in her future endeavors! 

Dr. Lei Chen and Prof. Iwao Ojima

Good luck to Lei Chen, Adam Taouil and Saerom Kim on their upcoming Ph.D. defenses!


Congratulations to Chris Karwan for earning his M.S. degree! We wish him all the best in his future endeavors! 




Congratulations to Dylan Gordon for graduation with distinctions! We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Dylan received Chemistry Award for Outstanding Teaching by an Undergraduate and ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry. 





The inaugural Ojima Distinguished Lectureship Award in Chemistry was presented to Professor Makoto Fujita, University Distinguished Professor of the Univeristy of Tokyo!

Stony Brook University News article

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Ojima Distinguished Lectureship award



Ph.D. Student Xinyuan (Martin) Gao joined the Ojima Research Group.



Ph.D. Student Kathryn Takemura joined the Ojima Research Group.



Ph.D. Student Ananya Shibana Thennarasu joined the Ojima Research Group.







Ph.D. Student Hersh Bendale joined the Ojima Research Group.




Congratulations to Jinwoo Kim and Timothy Clement for receiving their doctoral degree in Chemistry!

Best of luck to our two new graduates!

Congratulations, and farewell to Jinghe Lu! He received his Masters degree in Chemistry in the Ojima Lab. An in person farewell social was held to congratulate and honor him. Good luck!




Congratulations to Jordan Roiland for graduation with Summa Cum Laude! He was featured in the CAS news.


Jordan's graduation photo

Congratulations to Hersh bendale and Jinghe Lu for graduation as M.S. in Chemistry!





Congratulations to Derek Chien (High school research student, summer 2020) for gaining admission to Columbia University, and for being designated as a "Science research Fellow" based on exceptional achievement in the Science and mathematics. 





Ph.D. Student Dominick Rendina joined the Ojima Research Group.






Professor Ojima was elected to the prestigious Fellow/Member of the European Academy of Sciences (EurASc). Congratulations!!! Induction Ceremony is currently scheduled in Paris this summer, but depending on the Covid-19 situation. Find more details here.

Dr. Iwao Ojima

Congratulations, and farewell to Monaf Awwa. He completed his Doctoral degree in Chemistry and will take a position at Oak Ridge Institute of Science and Education in Maryland (ORISE/ORAU) as a postdoctoral fellow!

Monaf PortraitOjima's gift to Monaf's graduationMonaf's Farewell

Congratulations, and farewell to Shengwei Xiong. He received his Masters degree in Chemistry in the Ojima Lab. A farewell social was held on Zoom to congratulate and honor him. Good luck, Shengwei!

Shengwei Farewell

Congratulations, Jinwoo Kim! Our fourth year graduate student was selected to receive the OTEFE(Opportunity to Earn Future Education) Foundation Scholarship!


Congratulations to Amanda Gugel, Christopher Karwan, Catherine Leung and Alston Li for graduation with distinctions! 

Amanda Gugel: Graduation with Cum Laude and Honors in Chemistry Award

Christopher Karwan: Graduation with Summa Cum LaudeHonors in Chemistry Award, and Chemistry Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Catherine Leung: Graduation with Honors in Chemistry Award

Alston Li: Graduation with Summa Cum Laude and Honors in Biology Award


Amanda GugelChristopher KarwanCatherine LeungAlston Li

Congratulations to Dr. Krupa Haranahalli for being awarded the 2020 Scarborough Postdoctoral Award sponsored by Portola Pharmaceuticals. This award is in memory of Dr. Robert M. Scarborough, an accomplished medicinal chemist who founded the company. Krupa will accept her award at the Fall 2020 National ACS Meeting in San Francisco, where she will present her research, receive a $3500 honorarium and be given an commemorative plaque! Congratulations Krupa for this distinguished award!



Dr. Ojima and collaborators Dr. Kaczocha, Dr. Trotman, and Dr. Rizzo, are awarded a 4.2 million dollar grant from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to fight prostate cancer! Read more here or check out the article published in The Prostate.










Ph.D. Students Ashna Garg and Kalani Jayanetti join the Ojima Research Group.


M.S. Students Hersh Bendale and Jinghe Lu join the Ojima Research Group.




Congratulations, Jinwoo Kim! Our fourth year graduate student was selected to receive the KASF (Korean American Scholarship Foundation) scholarship!




Ph.D. Student SeungYoun Shin joined the Ojima Research Group.


Congratulations to Yi Sun for receiving his doctoral degree in Chemistry! He took a position in STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (a subsidiary of WuXi AppTech in San Diego)!




Yi Sun

Welcome! Fulbright Scholar, Greta Klejborowska, as a Visiting Graduate Student from Adam Mickiewicz University, PoznaƄ, Poland joined the Ojima Laboratory. She is in the final year of her Ph.D. study in Poland and will spend one year in the Ojima Laboratory to work on the tumor-targeted drug conjugates of natural product-based anticancer agents to complete her Ph.D. Thesis. 





Congratulations to Atri Maharaj, Julia Zambito and Peter Alsaloum for graduation with distinctions! 

Atri Maharaj: ACS Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry, American Chemical Society 

Julia Zambito: Chemistry Award for Outstanding Service by an Undergraduate


Peter Alsaloum: Ward Melville Valedictorian Award; SUNY Chancellors Award for Student Excellence.





Congratulations to Dr. Krupa Haranahalli for being awarded the Young Academic Inventors Award from the Stony Brook University Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors (SBU-NAI)






Undergraduate students Julia Zambito and Peter Alsaloum recieved the Undergraduate Recognition Award! Congratulations!



Ph.D. Students Frank Wang and Chuanzhou Zhu join the Ojima Research Group.





Congratulations!!! Professor Ojima was named the recipient of the prestigious Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of Natural Products by the American Chemical Society.  (See More)






Iwao Guenther

Congratulations and Farewell. Dr. Changwei Wang assumes a postdoctoral associate position at the Professor Shaomeng Wang's laboratory, Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of Michigan. He keeps an Affiliated Member status in the Ojima Research Laboratory. 

Congratulations and Farewell. Dr. Yao Zong joins Angion Biomedica Corp., Uniondale, New York as an industrial postdoctoral associate.



Ph.D. student, Adam Taouil, joined the Ojima Research Laboratory. 

Congratulations! Timothy Clement successfully defended his M.S. He continues his graduate study as Ph.D. student. 

Congratulations and Farewell. Dr. Su Yan assumes a postdoctoral associate position at the Professor Martin D. Burke's laboratory, Chemistry, University of Illinois Urbama-Champaign.


August 19:

Ojima Research Lab. Reunion luncheon was held during the 256th ACS National Meeting in Boston (see Photo Gallery). Yi Sun and Monaf Awwa presented their papers at the meeting.


August 7:


Simons Summer Research Program Symposium was held. Anjali Chakradhar, Erta Kuri and Rachel Li presented their posters.





Simons Symposium


Congratulations and Farewell. Dr. Yaozhong Zhang joins Adesis, Inc., New Castle, Delaware as a Staff Research Chemist. 

Dr. Antonella Pepe joins the Ojima Research Laboratory as Research Scientist and Chemistry Department as Visiting Associate Professor.


Ojima Lab. Mini-Reunion in Paris, July 28, 2018.








Paris Reunion 2018

Professor Ojima was invited to the International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry at Oxford University, UK.

He also had a Mini-Reunion with Professor Clare Grey at Cambridge University


Cambridge 2018

June 29:

Annual BBQ Party (see Photo Gallery)




Commencement, Chemistry Department Convocation: Congratulations to Jingcheng Ren (M.S.), Anna Panapakides (B.S.) and Senuri Pathiranage (B.S.)!  Senuri and Anna graduated with honors (cum laude). (see Photo Gallery) May 18


Doctoral Hooding Ceremony for Ph.Ds.: Congratulations Su Yan, Yaozhong Zhang and Yao Zong! (see Photo Gallery) May 17


Professor Ojima was invited to an International Symposium on Organofluorine Chemistry in Nanjing, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Guangzhou, and the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), Shenzen, China to give lectures and receive an honorary lectureship from SUSTech.


SUSTech lecture 2018

April 25:


EUREKA Symposium was held. Sarika Hira, Peter Alsaloum and Sanuri Pathiranage presented their posters.





Farewell. Dr. Yunrong Jing, Visiting Scientist, completed her very productive sabbatical at the Ojima Research Lab, returning to China.

Congratulations and Farewell. Dr. Xin Wang joins Genesco, Cambridge, MA, as Staff Research Chemist.


March 18: 

Ojima Research Lab. Reunion Luncheon was held during the 255th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans (see Photo Gallery). Yunrong Jing, Krupanadan Haranahalli, Su Yan, Yaozhong Zhang and Julia Zambito presented their papers at the meeting. 



Ph.D. student, Lei Chen, as well as a B.S./M.S. student, Jingon Riu joined the Ojima Research Laboratory. 


January 10: 

Ojima Research Lab. Mini-Reunion luncheon was held in Guangzhou, China during Professor Ojima's visit to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute for Biomedicine and Health (GIBH). (See More)



The Ojima Research Laboratory







ojima nai



Congratulations to Professor Ojima for being awarded the 2019 ACS Earnest Guenther Award for exemplary work in the field of Natural Products Chemistry!

 "Quest for Scientific Excitement at the Multidisciplinary Interface of Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine."

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SBU Symposium 

Stony Brook Symposium on
"Chemical Synthesis in Life Sciences"
June 5-6, 2015, Charles B. Wang Center
Celebrating the Achievements of Professor Iwao Ojima on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday
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Selected Plenary and Invited Lectures in International Meetings since 2005Selected Plenary and Invited Lectures in International Meetings since 2005

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