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OIDE Complaint Investigation Processes

The Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity has developed a neutral complaint process that provides equitable treatment of all parties involved.  Stony Brook University, Stony Brook Medicine, and the Long Island State Veterans Home (LISVH) have worked in partnership to develop this process that is in compliance with federal, state, and union guidelines.  

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Student Process


Employee Process

Investigation, Hearing & Appeal


Investigation & Referral 

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 The cycle above represents the stages of the investigative, hearing (as apppropriate) and appeals (as appropriately filed) process when a sexual misconduct complaint involves a student respondent.  The detailed process for handling sexual misconduct complaints can be found in the Code of Student Responsibility, Section VII. Sexual Miscondcut Policy and Procedure.  For more information on the process click on the cycle above.    The five steps above represent the investigative process when a  sexual misconduct complaint involves an employee respondent.   Substantiated allegations are referred to Employee and Labor Relations for the disciplinary process as appropriate under the applicable collective bargainning and/or employment agreement.   Please click on the five step process above for additional step-by-step information.
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