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Accommodation Process

Table of Contents

Employee Disability Accommodation Process

The Employee Disability Accommodation Process is a collaborative and interactive process between the staff member, the supervisor (if necessary), Human Resources and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (if necessary.) An Employee Disability Accommodation Request Form is available for your convenience. Human Resources (HR) is responsible for coordinating and overseeing this process for all employees. Please feel free to contact your appropriate HR office with any questions or concerns.




Employee Disability Accommodation Request Form (Online)

Employee Disability Accommodation Medical Inquiry Form (DOCX) 


Discuss with supervisor(Optional) or Submit Accommodation Request to HR

Discuss with supervisor

  • Simple accommodation requests – such as request for an inexpensive item or device – may be able to be handled with by completing the Employee Disability Accommodation Request Form and having a private conversation directly with your supervisor.
  • You are       NOT REQUIRED    to discuss the details of your impairment with your supervisor.
  • If the employee and supervisor agree on an accommodation documentation will be forwarded to HR.
  • Accommodations that cannot readily be handled by your supervisor will be referred to HR.
  • Do NOT provide medical information or documentation to your supervisor.

Submit Accommodation Request to OIDE


Provide Medical Documentation (If Necessary)

  • It may be necessary for Stony Brook to obtain information from your medical provider(s) in order to document your impairment and/or get suggestions for safe and effective accommodation.
  • It is the responsibility of the employee to obtain and submit to the appropriate HR office any necessary information to establish your impairment.
  • The   Employee Disability Accommodation Medical Inquiry Form (DOCX )  is available for your convenience.
  • Please contact the appropriate HR office to obtain a copy of job description and/or performance program to provide to your medical provider for reference.
  • The form should not be returned to your supervisor – it should be returned to the appropriate HR office.


Determination is made

  • Stony Brook may request clarification from your medical provider(s) to determine accommodation.
  • You will be sent written notification of the accommodation determination by HR.
  • If have questions or concerns, you may contact the ADA Coordinator, Marjolie Leonard. Please contact (631) 632-6280 or


Process of request for Para Transit



  1. Fill out the Para Transit Request form
  2. Email completed form to John Guarnieri( ) and Carol Coyle( ) in Transportation.
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