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Union Universitaria Latinoamericana (UUL)



Union Universitaria Latinoamericana (UUL) was developed to promote Latino Culture within Stony Brook and to also advocate for the Latino employees within the Stony Brook setting. With our effects we have established the Latin American Caribbean Center (LACC) and also spearheaded Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) within Stony Brook.


  1. To assist the SUNYSB President and the EEO/AA Offices in addressing special concerns of Latinoamericanos or Latinos on campus with particular emphasis on promoting their full and equitable participation in all aspects of the University. To foster professional development and create career opportunities for Latinoamericanos or Latinos. This will be achieved by creating strategies directed at strengthening the recruitment, retention, promotion and tenure of Latinoamericanos or Latinos. Furthermore, to identify and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate barriers affecting the recruitment and retention of Latinoamericanos or Latinos.
    • Direct Involvement in Human Resources and EEO/AA issues
    • Develop strategies and resources to publicize job opportunities
    • Assemble a resource guide for Latinoamericanos or Latinos on campus
  2. To enhance and promote the visibility of campus Latinos through social and cultural activities. In conjunction with county and State Latinoamericanos or Latino organizations, we commit ourselves to the development and communication of a positive and mutually supportive relationship among Latinoamericanos or Latinos and other diverse groups within our University community as well as outside communities.
    • Information exchanges about community/campus activities
    • Open events to community
    • Newsletter
    • Co-sponsorship of events
  3. To promote and support an understanding of the appreciation for ethnic diversity among the SUNYSB community through the presentation of cultural events and the establishment of informal discussion groups between UUL and other campus organizations.
    • Enhance publicity of Latinoamericanos or Latinos campus events
    • Provide information to Latinoamericanos or Latinos of opportunities for involvement (e.g., organizations, committees, courses, workshops, and support groups)
  4. To develop and support programs which will enable UUL to assist students in their quest for academic excellence through utilization of the facilities and resources at SUNYSB.
    • Involvement with admissions, EEO, undergraduate studies (e.g., participate in undergraduate/graduate admission fairs where there is a heavy concentration of Latinos
    • Participate in mentor program for Latinoamericanos or Latinos
    • Serve as resource for Latinoamericanos or Latino student organizations and clubs.
    • Study group or Task force
  5. To establish communication and networking between UUL membership, community groups, university administration, and other campus organizations.
    • Information exchange about community/campus activities
    • Open events to communities
    • Circulation of newsletter
  6. To recruit and provide role models that will enhance and aid the development of the entire University community which will ensure the development and maintenance of ethnic cultures, traditions, and beliefs.
    • Survey of needs

If you are interested in what our organization can offer you please feel free to contact the chair   Lynda Perdomo-Ayala