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Nils Feege
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy

C-101 Physics Building
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3800
Phone: 631-632-8710

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Nils Feege is an experimental high-energy nuclear and particle physicist from Germany. He has been a research assistant professor at Stony Brook University since 2015, where he coaches students on their first steps into physics research and teaches various courses.

His research explores the fundamental structure of our material world. Protons and neutrons are compound building blocks of matter, from the cells in our bodies to the most distant stars. While we know that quarks and gluons make up these nucleons, the way they actually form protons and neutrons and give rise to their properties is still unclear.

Feege analyses spin-polarized proton-proton collision data (collected with the PHENIX experiment at RHIC) to learn more about the gluon contribution to the overall proton spin. In addition, he simulates experiments at the future Electron Ion Collider (EIC) to optimize detector designs for these measurements. The EIC promises to provide three dimensional images of the inside of nucleons and nuclei and to answer compelling questions about the role of gluons in the formation of matter.

He is a strong proponent of good and effective science communication, in particular between experts and laypeople.

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