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Computer Courses

Computer Certificate Program

Stony Brook’s School of Professional Development can help you become a PC specialist or expert in desktop publishing, graphic design, Web design, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

Call (631) 632-7050


School of Professional Development

The School of Professional Development offers a wide range of computer training, from core office environment programs such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to e-mail and computer programming.

Call (631) 632-7071


Professional Skills Development Certificate

Acquire the skills you need to compete in today’s fast-paces, diverse work environment. This program of computer-training and professional development courses runs for nine works (229 hours)

Call (631) 632-7050








Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau: Health Care

The service provides free lectures by health care professionals for community groups. These medical experts present the latest information on a range of topics including health and wellness, disease prevention, current treatment methods, the latest research, and accessing medical services.

To request a speaker, call the Department of Community Relations (631) 444-5250

Surgical Speakers Services

This educational service is provided by clinical faculty members who speak on topics related to the surgery they perform.

Visit the Physician Directory at

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