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Health Care

health careAdult Day Care Program at the Long Island State Veteran Home

A comprehensive outpatient health care program serving veterans and eligible dependents who require health care monitoring and rehabilitative services in a supervised setting. Medicaid and private pay accepted. Located at the Long Island State Veterans Home, 100 Patriots Road.

Call (631) 444-8532



AIDS Education and Resource Center

The Center offers a free four day training session on HIV/AIDS to members of the Long Island community. The training is intended to help participants develop a non-judgmental perspective, sensitivity, and better understanding of this health crisis. Clinical training for health and human service professionals range from one hour to four full days. Located in Room 075 of the Health Sciences Center, Level 2

Call (631) 444-3208



AIDS Treatment Center

A state-designated center that coordinates consultation, outpatient and inpatient care, and services for HIV-infected individuals.

Call (631) 444-1667



Pediatric AIDS Center

The only center of its kind in Suffolk County. Staff members work collaboratively to ensure that HIV-infected children and their families receive comprehensive health care, including medical, dental, nutritional, and social services. The Center develops protocols used nationally for testing new vaccines and medications.

Call (631) 444-KIDS or (631) 444-7692



Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease

The Stony Brook Center of Excellence for Alzheimer's Disease is a program of the Department of Psychiatry at  Stony Brook University Hospital. It is one of eight centers - all based in hospitals or universities - sponsored by the New York State Department of Health. The Center is located at Putnam Hall, South Campus.

Call (631) 632-3160



Ambulatory Surgery Service

This is a fully accredited service that enables patients to be admitted, undergo surgical procedure, and be discharged on the same day. Ambulatory surgery services are provided in a unit within Stony Brook University Hospital and at various outpatient centers. The 25,000-square-foot Ambulatory Surgery Center with six operating rooms and two procedure rooms is on the University campus adjacent to the University Hospital.

Call (631) 444-9400



Bayer Institute Clinical-Patient Communication Program

Fast-paced, interactive program for medical clinicians and organizations seeking to improve communication with patients The program will help students become more effective communicators and accurate diagnosticians, which could lead to more favorable medical outcomes, such a greater patient satisfaction, increased patient adherence to therapeutic regimen and a reduced likelihood of malpractice litigation.

Call Stony Brook School of Professional Development at (631) 632-7052



Burn Center

This eight-bed center, the only one of its kind in Suffolk County, offers sophisticated and compassionate care for both adults and children, and is staffed by specially trained physicians, nurses, physical therapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, and social workers. Through research advances made at Stony Brook, the Burn Center created a Living Skin Bank, a unique clinical resource for wound dressings.

Call (631) 444-2270



Cancer Helpline

An easy, personal, and confidential telephone helpline is staffed by experienced oncology nurses who can answer your questions about prevention, risks, screening, detection, diagnosis, treatments, second opinions, and current research. If you don’t understand the terminology, they will explain what the words mean. The oncology nurses can also match you with physicians or community services. The nurses are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 6:00pm.

Call (800) UMC-2215, Department of Healthcare Teleservices, Stony Brook University Hospital, 13 Technology Drive, East Setauket, NY 11733


The Matt and Debra Cody Center for Autism

The Center provides a wide range of clinical, research, and family support services for children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders and other development disabilities. Some of the programs offered include diagnostic evaluations and treatment recommendations, psychiatric and psychological services, school consultations, social skills programs, and a resource center.

Call (631) 632-8850



Cardiothoracic Surgery Service

The service is the only one of its kind in Suffolk County. More than 1,000 open-heart operations—for both adult and pediatric—are performed annually. Minimally invasive heart surgery is also performed. The Service’s thoracic specialists treat a range of pulmonary diseases in adults and children and perform the county’s only lung volume reduction surgery for emphysema.

Call (631) 632-7052



Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center

Located in a community-bases setting, the Breast Care Canter is a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment facility that offers women a full range of surgical services, complete counseling and referral services, and opportunities to participate in promising clinical trials. The Center is staffed by multidisciplinary team of breast surgeons and plastic/reconstructive surgeons, medical oncologists, and counselors, who provide individual care. Located on 3 Edmund D. Pellegrino Rd., Stony Brook, NY 11794

Call (631) 638-1000


Center for the Study of Sleep and Waking

Diagnosis and treatment of patients who have difficulties going to sleep or staying asleep or other problems associated with sleeping and waking. The Sleep Disorders Centre is located in Smithtown.

Call (631) 444-2500


Colorectal Cancer Screening

Gastrointestinal specialists provide screening and, if necessary, treatment for colorectal cancer.

Call (631) 444-4545 or (631) 444-1820


Community-Based Health Fair

Stony Brook University Hospital faculty and staff participate in various community health fairs throughout the year, providing health screenings and informational materials to groups, including senior citizens and high school students.

Call (631) 444-5250



Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program

The program plays a pivotal role in the Suffolk County Mental Health System. Located in Stony Brook University Hospital’s Emergency Room, it is the county referral center for all psychiatric emergencies.

Call (631) 444-6050




The “Heartsaver CPR” program is a three-and-a-half-day course to prepare the public to activate the 911 system, recognize heart attack/stroke, relive foreign-body airway obstruction, and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation until a defibrillator arrives.




Dental Care Center

The School of Dental Medicine provides a full range of services from dental check-ups to oral surgery, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, and dental care for the disabled. Dental students deliver care. The School also offers free oral cancer screenings and specializes in dental care for senior citizens. Medicaid is accepted.

Call (631) 632-8989



Dental Education (Continuing Dental Education)

The School of Dental Medicine offers continuing education courses for dentists, hygienists, assistants, and laboratory technicians. These courses address a variety of dental topics as they relate to patient care, diagnosis, treatment planning, medical emergencies, pain management, and new advances in implants and esthetics. Courses are offered by faculty from Stony Brook and other dental schools, dentists, and speakers from private industry and research institutes. Lectures, lab simulations, and clinical-based learning are used. The Continuing Dental Education Office is located in the Department of General Dentistry, South Campus, Westchester Hall, Room 143.

Call (631) 632-3033 or (631) 632-3161



Diabetes Care Center

A comprehensive education program that helps maintain wellness for persons with type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes. The program includes classes covering topics such as exercise, nutrition, complications and prevention of the disease, stress, traveling, and community resources. A Diabetes Support Group and Diabetes Pumpers Club are also available through the Center. Located in the Stony Brook Technology Center, 26 Research Way, East Setauket, NY 11733

Call (631) 444-0580




Elsie Owens Family Center at Coram

The Center provides primary health care for residents of the area and is operated by Stony Brook University Hospital and the Suffolk County Health Services Department. Located at 82 Middle Country Rd. Coram, NY 11727

Call (631) 320-2220


General Clinical Research Center (GCRC)

One of only 74 centers nationwide supported by the National Institutes of Health, the GCRC is committed to bringing research to life. With this program, lab scientists, clinical investigators, and physicians work as a team in an effort to speed basic research into better patient care. The GCRC conducts clinical research with human subjects and fosters research targeting AIDS, cancer, diabetes, Lyme disease, mental illness, and substance abuses. The existence of the GCRC means that Long Islanders will have easy access to the lasts experimental advances in these fields.

Call (631) 444-6900 or (631) 444-1200



General/Gastrointestinal Surgery

In addition to performing standard operations, our General/Gastrointestinal Surgery Service specialized in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for gastrointestinal disease. This new approach to surgery offers patients less pain and scarring, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery. Bariatric specialists of this service perform surgery for morbid obesity.

Call (631) 444-4545 for General Surgery and (631) 444-5200 for Gastrointestinal Surgery


Stony Brook Life Care Center

University Hospital Outpatient Services provides specialty outpatient services in Endocrinology. GYN/Midwifery, ophthalmology, pediatrics, radiology, urology, vascular services, and more. Located at 225 West Montauk Highway, Hampton Bays, NY 11946

Call (631) 723-5000



Health Care Policy and Management Department of the
School of Health Technology and Management

Advance certificate and Master of Science degree programs in Health Care Policy and Management, with concentrations in community health, health care management, and health policy. Courses offered fall, spring, and summer sessions. Located in Room 052 of the School of Health Technology Management, Health Sciences Center, Level 2.

Call (631) 444-3198



Healthcare Teleservices Center

The Center provides a variety of telephone services to the community and streamline access to Stony Brook University Hospital for physicians and patient. For the community, the department offers the Cancer Helpline and HealthConnect; for physicians, there is a toll-free Doc-to-Doc Line. Located in the Stony Brook Technology Center, 12 Technology Drive, East Setauket, NY 11733

Call (631) 444-4000



With telephone staffed by nurses who serve as advocates for callers, HealthConnect helps callers make decisions about their health care, whether they seek urgent care, routine medical care, preventative medicine, or support services. The nurses can provide health information, describe Stony Brook University Hospital services, assist in scheduling medical appointments, and register callers for hospital classes and seminars. All calls are confidential. Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. Offered through the Department of Healthcare Teleservices, Stony Brook University Hospital, 13 Technology Drive, East Setauket, NY 11794

Call (631) 444-4000



Heart Care

Stony Brook is the only hospital in Suffolk County that performs highly specialized cardiology procedures, such as advanced intervention, diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures for life-threatening heart problems afflicting a wide range of patients. The Department of Cardiology offers a number of prevention and treatment programs for the community, including the following.

Arrythmia Detection and Sudden Death: (631) 444-8060
Cardiac Catheterization: (631) 444-8060
General Cardiology and Silent Heart Disease Program: (631) 444-1069
Noninvasive tests, Stress, and Echocardiography: (631) 444-1060
Preventative Cardiology Center: (631) 444-1069



Stony Brook University Hospital opened in 1980 and has been ranked as one of the nation’s top 15 teaching hospitals. It provides the full spectrum of the health care services, from primary preventative care to “quaternary” care, the highest level of specialized care. University Hospital is Suffolk County’s only tertiary care (high-level) facility and serves as the regional referral center for services such as burn care, cancer care, high-risk obstetrics, kidney transplantation, neonatal intensive care, open heart surgery, and trauma. To provide more patient-focused approach to care, the Hospital, Medical Hospital, Mental Health Hospital, Surgical Hospital, and Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Call (631) 444-4300




Long Island Cancer Center at Stony Brook University

The Cancer Center is multidisciplinary facility providing state-of-the-art clinical care and world-class basic and clinical cancer research on Long Island. It serves the greater Long Island region as a support center for activities in cancer research, training, and community service, providing a regional network for physicians, cancer-awareness groups, and other medical facilities. The Cancer Center has collaborative ties to Brookhaven National Laboratory and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Call (631) 638-1000



Long Island State Veterans Home

Located one-half mile east of Stony Brook University Hospital, the Veterans Home is 350-bed skilled nursing facility that provides around-the-clock nursing and subacute care to veterans of the U.S. Armed forces. It provides the highest quality and most comprehensive health care services to Long Island veterans and serves as a model site for research and the education of tomorrow’s long-tern care/geriatric professionals. Stony Brook’s Health Sciences Center operates the veterans Homes, which is located at 100 Patriots Road, Stony Brook, NY 11790

Call (631) 444-VETS



Lyme Disease Treatment Center

The Center provides comprehensive treatment to people with Lyme disease.

Call (631) 444-4000



Medical Education (Continuing Medical Education)

The Office of Continuing Medical Education offers a broad spectrum of activities addressing a variety of medical topics a broad spectrum of activities addressing a variety of medical topics and utilizing varied instructional methods. These include programs designed to teach new skills using workshops and simulated patient or live-case presentations; to update physicians with new information to improve preventions, diagnosis, and management of diseases; and provide comprehensive update and intensive review in a field of medicine. Teleconferencing, monographs, and Web-based and other self-directed learning methods are also available. The Continuing Medical Education Office is located in The School of Medicine, Health Sciences Center, Level 4.

Call (631) 444-2094 or e-mail Dr. Dorothy Lane at


School of Nursing (Continuing Professional Education)

The School of Nursing’s Continuing Professional Education Program was established to meet the educational demands of a diverse local, national, and international adult student population. The program is accredited by the New York State Nurses Association’s Council on Continuing Education. Many programs are offered on sit and online to help students and professionals meet their educational and career advancement goals.

Call (631) 444-1059




Occupational and Environmental Medicine Center

The Center’s highly specialized staff serves individual workers, unions, and industries throughout Long Island. It provides clinical and diagnostic occupational/environmental medicine, referral, and treatment services, as well as industrial hygiene and safety training, and education to many large groups in the public and private sectors.

Call (631) 632-DOCS



Osteoporosis and Clinical Research Center

The Center offers bone density screenings for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and provides clinical care and clinical research programs for patients with osteoporosis and provides clinical care and clinical research for patients with osteoporosis. Located in the Stony Brook Technology Center, 26 Research Way, East Setauket, NY 11733

Call (631) 632-BONE


Prostate Care Program

The program provides free prostate cancer screenings throughout the year at Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook Medical Park, and at the Stony Brook Life Care Center. Clients receive a PSA blood test, a rectal exam, and comprehensive prostate awareness. Follow-up care is offered for those with prostate disease.

Call (631) 444-4000 or the Cancer Helpline (800) 862-2215



Psychological Center

The Center provides psychological services to adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families. Modalities include individual, martial, family, and group therapies. The center also has ongoing psychoeducational testing program for the assessment of mental retardation, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and other forms of psychopathology. Individual intelligence and personality tests are administered upon request. The Psychological Center gives Stony Brook graduate students in clinical psychology the opportunity to gain clinical experience under the close supervision of the University’s clinical faculty. The Center is also a research facility where studies are conducted to identify causes and effective treatments for a variety of emotional and behavioral disorders. Based on a sliding-scale fee schedule.

Call (631) 632-7830


The Center does not have a 24-hour emergency service. In case of emergency, call the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency program at Stony Brook University Hospital at (631) 444-6050


Regional Trauma Center

The most seriously injured and ill patients are delivered via helicopter and ground transport to Stony Brook University Hospital’s Emergency Room, which houses the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Suffolk County. The facility includes a seven-bed shock trauma room and provides around-the-clock evaluation and treatment for all adult and pediatric emergencies. The Center also serves as the county referral area for all psychiatric emergencies. Following are important numbers:

Ambulance Corps: (631) 632-3333

Emergency Department: (631) 632-2499

Hospital Information: (631) 689-8333

Lyme Disease: (631) 444-TICK

Regional Poison Center at Winthrop University Hospital: (516) 663-2650



Seniors Outpatient Medical Services

A geriatric care program that emphasizes prevention and offers specialized services to meet the special needs of older patients. A multi-disciplinary team of physicians and other health care practitioners provide comprehensive assessments and treatments for conditions such as urinary incontinence, gait impairment, memory disorders, and osteoporosis. Offered by the Geriatric Medicine Division of the Health Sciences Center, T16-0, Stony Brook, NY 11794.

Call (631) 632-4630


School of Nursing

Offers a two-year baccalaureate program for students entering their junior year, a one-year program for college students, and a part-tie program for Registered Nurses to complete the bachelor’s degree. At the master’s level, there are specializations for nurses to become nurse practitioners or midwives. RN programs are offered locally and by distance learning. Located in Room 233 of the Health Sciences Center, Level 2.

Call (631) 444-3200



Speakers Bureau: Health Care

The service provides free lectures by health care professionals for community groups. These medical experts present the latest information on a range of topics including health and wellness, disease prevention, current treatment methods, the latest research, and accessing medical services.

To request a speaker, call the Department of Community Relations (631) 444-5250


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Regional Center for Eastern New York

The Center provides information, support, and guidance for parents whose babies died suddenly and unexpectedly from SIDS or other causes. It also provides literature and telephone contacts to family members and the general public, as well as information about education programs, consultation, and resource materials for professionals and community groups. The Center also facilitates SIDS support groups on Long Island and in other regions of eastern New York, coordinates and trains peer contacts, and provides referrals for other services.

Call (631) 444-3690 or (800) 336-7437



Support Groups

Stony Brook Medicine offers a wide range of support/educational/physical programs for our patients, family members, and staff. All programs are free but require registration. Cancer support groups include presentations by medical staff as well as a chance to interact with others facing a cancer diagnosis. Our educational and physical activities are designed with patients and their needs as the primary focus.

Call (631) 444-4000

A full list of support groups with contact information is available at


Surgical Speakers Services

This educational service is provided by clinical faculty members who speak on topics related to the surgery they perform.

Visit the Physician Directory at



Transplantation Service

The service offers the only kidney transplant program in Suffolk County, including both cadaveric and living-related transplants. A multidisciplinary service, it provides kidney transplants, as well as histocompatibility testing.

Call (631) 444-2209



Trauma/Surgical Critical Care

As the only designated Regional Level I Trauma Center in Suffolk County, Stony Brook University Hospital has an active emergency room where Stony Brook’s Trauma/Surgical Care Service demonstrates its dedicated expertise. By using state-of-the-art resuscitative and surgical equipment, trauma specialists provide the best possible emergency care and work closely with all the other specialists at Stony Brook. Our critical care specialists manage Stony Brook University Hospital’s highly specialized Surgical Intensive Care Unit for critically ill adult patients.

Call (631) 444-2499



Vascular Screenings

The Vascular Clinic offers screenings for carotid (neck) artery disease to detect risk factors associated with stroke, as well as screenings to detect risk factors associated with peripheral (leg) vascular disease. Screenings for the presence of abdominal aortic aneurysms are offered as well. The screenings are provided for free periodically throughout the year or for a nominal fee at any time.

Call (631) 444-4666



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