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Faculty and Staff


Perry Goldstein, Chairperson
Daniel Weymouth,  Director of Graduate Studies  

Deborah Heckert, Director of Undergraduate Studies  
Joanna Kaczorowska, Director of Undergraduate Performance


Matthew Barnson, Composition, Theory & Musicianship
Perry Goldstein, Composition, Theory & Musicianship  

Margaret Schedel,     Composition, Computer Music & Theory
Daria Semegen, Composition, Theory & Electronic Music
Daniel Weymouth, Composition, Computer Music & Theory


Margarethe Adams, Ethnomusicology (Central Asia, Northwest China)  
Erika S. Honisch, History and Theory (16th-17th Centuries, Sound Studies)
Judith Lochhead, History and Theory (20-21st Centuries)
Ryan Minor, History and Theory (“Long” 19th Century)
August Sheehy, History and Theory (History of Music Theory, Analysis, Improvisation)
Stephen Decatur Smith, History and Theory (19th-20th Centuries)
Benjamin Tausig, Ethnomusicology (Southeast Asia, Sound Studies)
Deborah Heckert, Adjunct Lecturer, History and Theory

Graduate Performance

Gilbert Kalish, Piano
Christina Dahl, Piano

Early Music  
Arthur Haas, Harpsichord

Philip Setzer, Violin
Arnaud Sussman, Violin
Jennifer Frautschi, Violin
Hagai Shaham, Violin
Matthew Lipman, Viola
Lawrence Dutton, Viola
Colin Carr, Cello
Blake Hinson, Double Bass
Nancy Allen, Harp

Brenda Harris, Voice
Randall Scarlata, Voice

Winds and Brass  
Carol Wincenc, Flute
James Austin Smith, Oboe
Alan R. Kay, Clarinet
Frank Morelli, Bassoon
Kevin Cobb, Trumpet
David Jolley, Horn
Michael Powell, Trombone 
Kyle Turner, Tuba

Eduardo Leandro

Jerry Willard

Jazz Studies
Ray Anderson, Trombone

Chamber Music
David Finckel, Cello

Conducting and Opera Studies
Daniel Beckwith

Undergraduate Performance

Joanna Kaczorowska, Violin  
Pablo Lavandera, Piano

Ensemble Directors

Faith Conant, VOLTA West African Music Ensemble
Shoshana Hershkowitz, Stony Brook Chorale   
and Camerata Singers
Susan Deaver, University Orchestra  
Bruce Engel, Wind Ensemble


Emerson Quartet

Eugene Drucker, Violin  
Philip Setzer, Violin  
Lawrence Dutton, Viola
Paul Watkins, Cello


Germaine Berry, Secretary to the Chair and Undergraduate Studies
Monica Gentile, Graduate Program Coordinator  
Michael Hershkowitz
, Director of Concerts and Community Education  

Susan Kaiserman, Receptionist  
Thomas Malenich, Piano Technician
Nicholas Nelson, Audio Engineer  

Martha Zadok, Assistant to the Chair

Emeritus Professor

Sarah Fuller , Medieval & Renaissance History & Theory
Peter Winkler , Composition, Theory & Popular Music
Timothy Mount,Director of Choral Studies
Richard Kramer, 18th and 19th Century Music History and Theory
David Lawton, History and Theory (19th Century Opera)
Sheila Silver, Composition & Theory

Affiliated Scholars

Carol K. Baron , History & Theory

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