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Margarethe Adams

Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology adams

Margarethe Adams specializes in music, political ideology, and belief in Central Asia, specifically, Kazakhstan and northwest China. She teaches classes examining intersections of music and popular culture with political ideology, cosmology, and religion. 

Adams has published and presented on topics such as timbre and collaborative ethnography in Central Asia; and temporality, emotion, and war songs in WWII commemorations in Kazakhstan. She is currently writing a monograph on nationalism, transnational networks, and public culture in post-Soviet Kazakhstan. 

Her next project, a study of music and Islam in Central and Inner Asia, will focus on Muslim pilgrimage and religious healing, particularly addressing the importance of musician shrines in the region.

B.A. (Russian and Soviet Area Studies), Middlebury College;
M.M. and Ph.D. (Musicology) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign