Stony Brook Community Music Programs


Enrichment is at the core of the Stony Brook University’s Community Music Program, characterized by a commitment to education, accessibility, and community. Our programs are designed for all ages, from children to adults, and offers access to conservatory-level music instruction from one of the nation’s premier collegiate training grounds for musicians. With stellar faculty and resources, the Community Music Program is equipped to broaden your musical skills, showcase your musical growth, and above all, instill a lifelong love for music.


Pre-K through 2nd Grade
First Steps in Music
Designed for early childhood, these classes develop motor and language skills through songs and creative movement while encouraging constructive social interactions through group activities and games. This joyful experience ignites a musical spark for a lifetime of learning and builds up readiness for more formal music training.

3rd through 6th grade:
Elementary Orff Ensemble
In the Orff Ensemble, children will Sing, Say, Dance and Play with Orff instruments. Activities will include singing, playing instruments (pitched and non-pitched percussion including xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels, drums and more), movement and improvisation. 

Youth Ensemble
A beginning chamber music program for young independent performers.

7th though 12th grade:
Young Artist Program: Chamber and Jazz
The Young Artist Program (formerly the Pre-College Division) is aimed at talented young musicians who are looking for exciting, new experiences to enrich their musical training. Students can choose to focus on jazz improvisation or classical chamber music and participate in performances and coachings, alongside a rich curriculum of creative and informative offerings. Students can try their hand at composition, delve into the complexities of music theory to better understand the masterworks, and develop their musical ears through aural skills courses. Not only will students emerge as stronger musicians, but they’ll also have a leg-up in college applications.

Percussion Ensemble
The Percussion Ensemble at Stony Brook University gives students the chance to work in a conservatory environment with a full array of professional-level instruments. Directed by Dr. Thomas Marceau. Classes meet Saturday mornings during the school year.


Community Chamber Music Workshops
The Community Music Program’s chamber music workshop is designed for adult amateur musicians, providing a place to come together to make music in a supportive and enriching environment. Participants are placed in well-matched ensembles based on level and interest, and meet with a coach for five 90-minute sessions in preparation for an informal concert in the Staller Recital Hall. Two eight-week sessions per academic year; ability to read music is required.

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