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History/Theory and Ethnomusicology

The Stony Brook Department of Music offers graduate degrees in the History and Theory of Music and in Ethnomusicology. Students in these programs have the opportunity to engage with a broad historical and cultural span of music.  Our faculty pursue ambitious, far-reaching research agendas, and encourage our students to take up similarly cross-disciplinary questions and projects.  Recent seminars and symposia have explored sound studies, operatic dramaturgy, global protest music, theories of affect, print culture, music and belief, and recent Continental philosophy. Students in Ethnomusicology and History-Theory interact as members of a comprehensive music department with world-renowned performance and composition programs. Career development and professionalization occur at every stage of the degree, working toward conference presentations, publications, and a competitive professional portfolio.

Students in Graduate Programs in History-Theory and Ethnomusicology:

  • Interact with faculty on a regular basis, receiving highly individualized attention and close supervision.
  • May take seminars in the New York Metro Consortium, which includes Columbia, NYU, Princeton, CUNY, and others.
  • May complete graduate certificates in Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, Philosophy and the Arts, and Media, Art, Culture, & Technology
  • Benefit from doctoral committees that comprise faculty from across music’s sub-disciplines.
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