Benjamin TausigBenjamin Tausig

Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology

Benjamin Tausig's research focuses on music, sound, and political protest in Bangkok, Thailand. With a particular emphasis on urban space, Tausig has given attention to the ways that genre and performance are adapted in contexts of political upheaval. He has published on the musical activity of the Thai military's psychological operations unit, and on the lives and art of protest musicians, among other topics.
Tausig's interdisciplinary interests combine ethnomusicology, sound studies, and human geography. His dissertation, "Bangkok Is Ringing," is a critical study of the music and broadcast environment of Thailand's Red Shirt movement in 2010-11, during which time he conducted fieldwork in Bangkok and elsewhere. The dissertation tracks the fragmentation of the Red Shirt movement through its musical and sonic spatial ordering.
Tausig's work has appeared in the journals Culture, Theory, & Critique (in a special issue devoted to music and neoliberalism),Twentieth-Century Music, and Positions: Asia Critique. He has taught classes on urban soundscapes, the art of listening, and the elements of music at both the New School and NYU, where he received his Ph.D.
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