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Through MTRC, manufacturers can take advantage of the following consulting services:

  • Biotechnology
  • Food Manufacturing - consulting done through LIFC

Qualifying manufacturers can be approved for little to no-cost consulting support to take their product to the next steps in the manufacturing process.

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Feasibility Study

MTRC can assist manufacturers in evaluating and funding their product from proof of concept to prototype design and development.

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Industry Employment & Partnership Opportunities

MTRC's program partners offer opportunities for students looking to start working in the manufacturing industry. Companies and associations are also looking to partner with other manufacturing companies.

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Every company's goal is to be constantly to growing. Here at MTRC we are able to assist in a manufactures growth process. MTRC can support your company's growth as you plan to expand your business. Qualifying manufacturers can receive a reimbursement of 15-20% of the cost of equipment purchases, with a cap at $20,000,  to help subsidize the cost of  the expansion project.

MTRC User Facility

MTRC's user facility allows manufacturer's to prototype and develop their product in house.

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Composite Prototyping

Through our partner, Composite Prototyping Center (CPC), MTRC is able to provide composite prototyping services. CPC has the capability and experience to manufacture using most composite processes and all types of composite materials, including thermo-set, thermoplastic, autoclave & out-of-autoclave. We can help you develop the right manufacturing strategy as well as performing comparative processing studies to determine the best process for production of your product.

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Research and Development

Research and development is an integral part for manufacturers. Here at MTRC we can assist in this process, by connecting manufactures with our partners with expertise. MTRC, the only university-based MEP Center in New York, is designed to assist manufacturers throughout all stages of product development. With the resources of Stony Brook University, a world-class research university, behind it, MTRC and its program partners offer unparalleled capability in proof of concept, prototype and new product development, testing and evaluation, and failure analysis.  With our constellation of NYSTAR-funded research centers, NSF and federally-funded state-of-the-art laboratories, and a vast array of specialized equipment and facilities, we can provide immeasurable R&D support to companies. 

Please review our partner page for a description of our research partners.

Workforce Development & Training (CCE)

MTRC through a partnership with the Center for Corporate Education (CCE), manufacturers are able at have custom training projects developed and upon completion of the project the company may qualify for an award of 30% of what the investment was for   workforce development and training.

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