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MTRC Rapid Prototyping User Facility

Develop your own prototypes with us.


MTRC has developed a User Facility to support the needs of manufacturing companies in reducing the costs of prototype development. The equipment in the user facility is available to the client companies of MTRC and other qualified manufacturers of NY State.

We look to have a consultation first. Once an MTRC project number is assigned, the company can proceed to submit the User Facility request online to begin the prototyping process.


Apply Here

Note: This can only be processed for clients with an MTRC number available. To become a client and receive one, click here to fill out and submit an In-take Form.


CEWIT Room 309
1500 Stony Brook Road
Stony Brook, NY 11794

View Ribbon Cutting event.




Specialty Cutting Instruments

3D Printers