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Learn how to become a client to get funding.

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How We Work

Manufacturing companies are complex. In order to succeed, companies need strong skills in organization and leadership, supply chain, planning and distribution, manufacturing processes, and managing productivity, quality, information and data. At small- and medium-sized firms, it might be challenging to manage all of those needs in-house. The MTRC can supply talented resources, direction, and in some cases, even funding to assist a manufacturer with short and long-term project needs.

MTRC maintains a consortium of program partner resources from within the university such as: the Centers of Excellence, Centers for Advanced Technology, the Center for Corporate Education and it’s subset the Center for Operational Excellence, the Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence, and the regional Small Business Development Centers; and external partners such as the Composite Prototyping Center, and a group of potential training partners from Farmingdale State College, Nassau Community College, the New York Institute of Technology and Suffolk Community College.  Each of these organizations have a working relationship with company clients in the Manufacturing and Technology sectors and carries out projects with them to improve some aspect of their business.  We look to these program partners to develop project contracts, hold workshops, etc.  that are common to both our and their mission and support the efforts through cost-sharing.  

There is no fee paid to work with MTRC. When you work with the MTRC, we’ll assess your project’s needs and propose a solution involving one of our partners. If you choose to engage in a project, the company is responsible for a portion of the proposed budget of that project. Each project is unique and the percentage the company would be responsible for will vary accordingly.  We will also help you explore additional grant opportunities to help offset any costs.

For each Supplemental Award that the MTRC grants, there is a post-project performance measure done via a third-party client survey. The metrics calculated are economic impact, revenue increases and jobs created and retained.

There are two ways in which we connect with companies and engage in a working relationship:

  1. Company currently working with a MTRC partner - If the company is already working with an MTRC partner within the VPED areas (i.e. SPIR, BioCAT, etc.), the PI is notified that their client is eligible for a supplemental award for their project. We then enter into a contract with that company for supplemental funding based on the applicable NYS master work plan objective outlined in Attachment C of the MTRC grant.
  2. Company not connected to an existing entity of VPED - If the company is not connected to any partner, we engage in an initial meeting to introduce the MTRC program and its partners. Upon discussing the company’s needs and identifying a project that applies to one of the grant objectives, we assist in connecting the company with a relevant partner. We then enter into a contract with that company for supplemental funding based on the applicable NYS master work plan objective outlined in Attachment C of the MTRC grant.

If the company needs are not within our consortium expertise, we will work with the company to seek support from additional resources within the MEP program.  All applications must be emailed to

MTRC Program Requirements

A. Company must have a registered Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) number

B. A manufacturing NAICS code registered in the D&B profile:

  • 310000 – 339999
  • 423510 Metal Service Centers and Other Metal Merchant Wholesalers
  • 488991 Packing and Crating
  • 541330 Engineering Services
  • 541380 Testing Laboratories
  • 541711  541715 Research and Development function
  • 561910 Packaging and Labeling Services
  • 811310 Commercial and Industrial Machinery & Equipment (except Automotive & Electronic) Repair & maintenance

C. Company must provide cash investment into the proposed project. Commitment to pay for their portion of the project is crucial for the company to receive the supplemental award.

D. The project narrative should detail the job creation and/or layoff prevention that the company proposes.

In-take Form & Grant Guidelines / Application

All applications must be emailed to


MTRC hosts quarterly informational breakfast meetings, Coffee & Connect. Registration is free but we ask that attendees register here.  Every quarter, we feature one of our program partners and highlight the respective services and funding opportunities available to manufacturers. Program partner representatives are in attendance to network and answer any questions. This is a great opportunity to learn about MTRC and stay connected with industry.

To further discuss company needs, we can schedule a no-cost consultation. We will meet with you to initiate the process of connecting your company with the right expert for your business needs and further discuss how to take advantage of what MTRC and our program partners can offer manufacturers. Call us at (631) 216-7129 or email us at All applications must be emailed to