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WHO CAN APPLY: Freshman and Sophomore Residential students are not eligible to register their motor vehicles to park in Residential parking lots. However, Freshman or Sophomore students who feel that they have exceptional needs to register a vehicle for on-campus parking may fill out a petition form.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Select one of the petitions below that best applies to your circumstance.  To complete the Google form, you must have a valid Stony Brook email address, your student ID, and the signed medical or signed employment verification form as a .pdf, .docx or .jpg file. Incomplete petition forms are automatically purged from the system and cannot be processed. Petition forms that are completed along with either the signed employment or signed medical verification document should be emailed as an attachment (file format should be a .pdf, .docx, .jpg, .gif or .png) to for review. Please note that a Google Doc is not an excepted file format. A decision should be made within 3-7 business dates.

Sample file names: LASTNAME-Medical-Affidavit.pdf or LASTNAME-Employer-Affidavit.pdf

PLEASE NOTE: Students should not park their vehicles on campus until they have a valid parkign permit. If you do park on campus without a permit, you will be obligated to pay any and all parking tickets incurred.