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Winter Weather Tips

We have been fortunate so far this winter season, but cold weather and snow may be around the corner.
Here are our top tips for winter weather driving! 

MOVE IT: If you park on the top floor of a garage, and snow is in the forecast, relocate your car to a lower (covered) level of the garage if possible

BRUSH IT OFF: Use a snow brush to remove all snow residue before driving

STOCK UP: An emergency kit is always essential to keep in your vehicle, but we recommend adding these items to your kit during winter months:
- First aid kit - beyond the essentials, look for a kit (or assemble your own) with mylar emergency blankets, air-activated hand/foot body warmers and waterproof matches
- Cat litter, rock salt or sand to help your vehicle gain traction if stuck in the snow
- Collapsible snow shovel
- Ice scraper or snow brush
- Extra windshield washer fluid
- Blankets - one for each person in the car
- Extra outerwear including boots in the event you need to walk
- Sunglasses to help with the glare of the sun’s reflection on the snow
- Flashlights and extra batteries
- Road flares or reflective triangles
- Jumper cables
- Phone charger and extra power supply
- Bottled water and non-perishable food

WATCH FOR SIGNS: Signs and parking meters may accumulate snow, so be alert for pedestrians

TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Give yourself as much time as possible to prepare your vehicle before you drive, and extra time once you begin driving to slowly and carefully make your way around