About the Middle States Self-Study


  • Stony Brook University has been regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1957. Every 10 years Stony Brook conducts an institutional self-study to seek reaccreditation as part of an ongoing commitment to continuous self-assessment. Through the process of peer review, the university is evaluated according to the Middle States 14 standards of accreditation which are organized into two categories: Institutional Context and Educational Effectiveness.


  • Stony Brook has chosen a comprehensive model for the 2013-2014 Self-Study. This model gives equal attention and reflection to of all the 14 standards. The benefit of this model is that it provides an opportunity to appraise all aspects of the university including academic programs, student services, resources and mission and goals.


  • A Self-Study Design document has been developed to organize the self-study process and to charge six working groups with research questions that will focus their efforts on areas of inquiry that will be most beneficial to Stony Brook University.


  • The Self-Study is governed by a Planning Committee which provides leadership to the working groups and ensures the timeline is followed.


  • The six working groups are each led by two co-chairs and include representatives of the university community including faculty, staff and students. The working groups review the standard’s fundamental elements and research questions assigned to each group. In addition to compiling evidence to demonstrate how the institution is meeting the Middle States standards the working groups will identify critical issues for the university and to suggest courses of action that may lead to improvements.


  • The Steering Committee will produce a final written report based on the working group findings and a team of peer reviewers will visit Stony Brook University for an evaluation visit in 2013-2014. The team will make a recommendation to the Commission based on their findings to reaffirm accreditation, reaffirm accreditation with required follow-up reports, issue a warning or probation.  Stony Brook will have the opportunity to respond to the team report prior to the report being sent to the Commission for action.





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