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Accreditation Liaison Committee

The Accreditation Liaison Committee (ALC) is designed to broaden the role of the MSCHE Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) and to work with the Office of Academic Assessment to develop an ongoing process to support continuous institutional self-improvement. The purpose of this small group is intended to establish continuity in the process at least through our next accreditation site-visit (2023-24) and to advise on key decisions and direction related to the re-accreditation process. Organizationally, the ALC would work with the ALO and the MSCHE steering committee. 

  • MSCHE Chair and Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) (Brenda Anderson)
  • Faculty MSCHE Co-chair (Laszlo Mihaly)
  • Former MSCHE Chair and ALO (Charlie Robbins)
  • Former faculty MSCHE Co-chair (Dan Davis)
  • Director of the Office of Academic Assessment and MSCHE coordinator (Kane Gillespie) 
  • Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (Braden Hosch)
  • VP for budget and finance (Lyle Gomes)
  • Assistant Provost for Finance, Budget & Operations (Heather Montague)
  • Associate Vice President, Health Sciences, Vice Dean, Administration and Finance (John H. Riley, Jr.)