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Dine-In Locations (Meal Swipes)

The Dine-In Locations listed below will maintain continuous service from morning to night. Swipe your ID card, stay as long as you'd like and try as many food options as you wish from the food platforms. The Dine-In program minimizes food waste as we use reusable dishware and silverware.  View a map of dining locations.

Dine-In Locations and Hours*


Monday - Friday

Saturday - Sunday

East Side Dining

7:00am to 1:00am*

8:30am to 1:00am*

West Side Dining

7:00am to 3:00am*

8:30am to 3:00am*

*Hours subject to change

Dine-In Meal Periods and Door Prices



Door Price*


7:00am to 10:30am



10:30am to 5:00pm



5:00pm to 9:00pm


Late Night

Starts at 9:00pm



10:30am to 3:00pm


*Subject to change


Accepted Payment Types

  • Meal Swipes
  • Dining Dollars
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit
  • Wolfie Wallet


Take-Out Option  

Take-out meals are offered at both resident Dine-In Locations (West Side Dining and East Side Dining) for students who prefer the value and choices of the Dine-In experience, but occasionally do not have the time to eat there because of other commitments.

For students who have a greater need for flexibility, meal plan options with more Dining Dollars should be considered.

How to Take-Out at Dine-In:

Take-out is offered to students who either do not have time to sit and enjoy a meal at Dine-In or those who wish to take their food to go.

  1. When swiping into Dine-In, request a Take-Out meal
  2. You will receive a drink cup/lid and one disposable clamshell container
  3. The receipt will remain with the cashier as you choose your meal and drink
  4. The container must be able to close. No other food or drink can be removed
  5. When you leave, you will pick up your receipt
  6. Enjoy your meal!

Payment options:

  1. If your meal plan includes Dine-In Meal Swipes, you may use a Take-Out meal once per day.*
  2. Students using Dining Dollars, Wolfie Wallet, cash or credit/debit will be charged the appropriate door rate.

* Two take-out meals will be permitted from December 11, 2018 through December 21, 2018.

Reusable Take-Out Containers:

Retail Locations (Dining Dollars)

The Retail Locations listed below use the flexible Dining Dollars on your ID card to dine on the go:

  • Administration Cart
  • Jasmine Asian Food Court
  • Student Activities Center (SAC) Food Court
  • Tabler Cafe (Avenue C)
  • The Market at West Side Dining
  • Roth Cafe*
  • Subway at Roth Cafe
  • Starbucks at Roth Cafe
  • Starbucks at the Melville Library
  • Starbucks (Mobile Truck) at the  SAC Bus Loop
  • Starbucks at the  University Hospital
  • HDV/GLS Center (Bagels, Sandwiches, Hampton Coffee, and Ice Cream)
  • The following locations at West Side Dining:
    • Grab & Go C-store
  • The following locations at East Side Dining:
    • Halal NY & Mezze Grill
    • Cocina Fresca
    • East Meets West Deli
    • Italian Express
    • Grill Express
    • Delancey St. Kosher
    • Island Soul


Accepted Payment Types

  • Dining Dollars
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit
  • Wolfie Wallet

Meal Swipes  cannot be used at retail locations*

*If you are a student living in Roth or Tabler Quads and have an unlimited meal plan, you may use a Meal Swipe (one per day) at Roth Cafe. This is referred to as a  Roth Meal Exchange. Students with any other meal plan can use Dining Dollars at Roth Cafe. Wolfie Wallet, cash, and credit card are also accepted forms of payment at Roth Cafe.

View a Map of Dining Locations

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