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Using My Plan

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  • Can I use a meal swipe to pay for a guest’s meal?

    Unlimited meal plans include Guest Passes which can be used to swipe in a friend or visiting family member. Guest passes may be used at West Side Dining Dine-In and East Side Dining Dine-In only.  Guest passes do not roll over and expire at the end of each semester.

  • Can a friend use my ID card to get my meals when I am sick?

    If you are sick and cannot visit one of our dining locations you can have a friend do it for you. Get a Sick Tray Form from your RA or RHD. Have the form completed and give it to a friend along with your ID card. Your friend will then be able to use your card to pick up a meal for you. Be sure the form is completed with all of the necessary signatures or your card will be confiscated. This option is only available for short-term illnesses. If you need this service for a longer period of time, contact the  FSA Services Office at 632-6517.

  • Can I use Dining Dollars to pay the door price at Dine-In locations?

    Yes. Other accepted payment methods include Wolfie Wallet, cash or credit/debit.

  • Can I take out food from a Dine-In location?

    In response to student feedback from Resident Assistants (RAs), the Residence Hall Association (RHA), Student Voice on Campus Dining, Student Life Advisory Council and Commuter Student Services, the value-driven resident Dine-In program provides a take-out option for those students on-the-go.

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  • Where can I spend Dining Dollars?

    Dining Dollars may be used at any Retail dining location. Retail dining locations include: Roth Cafe (including Subway), Jasmine, Student Activities Center (SAC), Tabler Market, Starbucks (Roth Cafe, Melville Library), HDV/GLS Center, East Side Dining Retail (Urban Eats, Healthy By Nature, Changing Times, Pizza Villaggio, Halal NY), East Side Dining Retail Emporium (Delancey St. Kosher and Island Soul), and the Market at West Side! You may also use Dining Dollars to pay the door price at Dine-In (East Side Dining and West Side Dining). All dining locations also accept Wolfie Wallet, cash or credit/debit.

    For more information, visit the  dining website.

  • Am I only allowed to eat at the Dine-In location where I live?

    Dine-In Meal Swipes may be used at West Side Dining or East Side Dining regardless of where you live. The choice is yours!

  • Are Dine-In Meal Swipes accepted on East Campus (at Health Sciences or at the Hospital)?

    If you are a Health Sciences student and would like to have a dual meal plan, bring your student ID to the FSA Services Office (East Side Dining Room 157) and complete the Dual Meal Plan Agreement form. You may also  request a dual meal plan online. Your meal plan cannot be used at Starbucks at University Hospital.

    Dine-In Meal Swipes can only be used at West Side Dining and East Side Dining, but you may use Dining Dollars on east campus.