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    Dine-In locations are all you care to eat facilities that maintain continuous service from morning to night. There are 2 dine-in facilities on campus: East Side Dining and West Side Dining. Swipe your ID card, stay as long as you'd like. The Dine-In program will minimize food waste and use reusable dishware and silverware.


    Meal Swipes can be used at Dine-In locations. You can also use Dining Dollars, cash, credit, or Wolfie Wallet to pay the door price at Dine-In locations.


    Guest passes may be used for friends and family members.  Guest passes do not rollover from the fall to spring semester.


    If you are a student living in Roth or Tabler Quads and have an unlimited meal plan, you may use a Meal Swipe (one per day) at Roth Cafe. A meal exchange is a meal plan option that adds flexibility to your dining options and use of your unlimited meal plan. Students with an unlimited plan can use one meal swipe for a preset menu option.

    Only students who have an unlimited meal plan may use a Roth Meal Exchange.Students with any other meal plan can use Dining Dollars at Roth Cafe. Wolfie Wallet, cash, and credit card are also accepted forms of payment at Roth Cafe.

    Meal Exchange Menu Options


    Retail locations use the flexible dining dollars on your ID card to dine on the go. Only Dining Dollars can be used at Retail locations.


    Each Dining Dollar is equivalent to $1.

    All dine-in locations accept dining dollars. Dining Dollars may also be used to purchase meals at the hospital or Health Sciences if you are taking classes, volunteering or working there.  Please  contact the meal plan office to have your card activated for use at these locations. Note: If you are a volunteer worker or employee, you must provide a letter from your supervisor. Students must provide a copy of their class schedule.

    Meal plans are to be used one semester at a time; however, Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring, but not to the following academic year (spring to fall).

    If you are not required to be on a meal plan, you can select the prepaid Dining Dollars budget plan which can be used on at the  hospital or  Health Sciences on east campus in addition to all of the dining venues on west campus. To open a prepaid Dining Dollars budget plan, simply  add funds to your card online.