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Do you get high quality meals with a Dine-In meal program?

Campus Dining continues serving high quality meals in both Dine-In locations. Since students are able to enjoy as many food items as they wish, the portion sizes have changed to accommodate this. This also allows students to try different foods during the same meal while minimizing waste.

How does Campus Dining minimize waste with a Dine-In program?

Waste reduction requires a commitment from both Campus Dining and the students. As a campus community, we need to raise awareness, improve processes and measure the impact. It requires a combination of working with suppliers, managing the kitchen and making appropriate portions available so that less food is discarded. Reducing food waste with better portion control and improved meal forecasting prevents waste before it ever happens. This process, source reduction, is cited by the Environmental Protection Agency Food Recovery Hierarchy as the best way to prevent wasted food because these actions create the most benefit for the environment, society and economy. Students also need to be conscious and considerate to other students when selecting the amount of food on their plate. Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomachs!

Are meals served on paper or reusable plates?

Reusable dishware and utensils are used at West Side Dining and East Side Dining.

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