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Food Options & Locations

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  • What types of meals are available at Dine-In locations?

    East Side Dining

    • Chef's Kitchen
    • Deli Bar
    • Grill
    • Italian
    • Oasis Station (Allergen Friendly)
    • Vegan Delights
    • Salad Bar

    West Side Dining

    • Bob's BBQ Grill
    • Corner Cafe
    • Golden Bowl
    • Kelly Deli
    • Chef's Kitchen
    • Vegan Delights
    • Fired Up Pizza
    • Oasis Station (Allergen Friendly)
    • Salad and Pasta Bar
    • Taste Changers

    For more information, visit the  dining website.

  • Where can I purchase sushi?

    Sushi is available at The Market @ West Side, SAC grab and go and Jasmine.

  • How can I make purchases at Starbucks?

    Students can make purchases at Starbucks with Dining Dollars, Wolfie Wallet, Starbucks Rewards or Gift Cards, cash or credit/debit.

  • Are there made-to-order options in “Dine-In” facilities?

    The Dine-In locations at West Side Dining and East Side Dining incorporate a combination of made-to-order and self-serve ensuring that there is always choice to meet your needs.

  • Where can students get breakfast that is not Dine-In?

    Students can choose to go to The Market @ West Side, East Side Dining Emporium or Grill Express, the Student Activities Center (SAC), Roth Food Court, Tabler Market, Starbucks or HDV/GLS Center.

  • For Dine-In locations, people who choose to stay the whole day may make it difficult for other students to find seats. How is that situation handled?

    A seating capacity study was conducted for all of the Dine-In locations and Campus Dining is able to accommodate students to stay and dine even at busy meal periods such as between 7pm to 8pm.  

  • How can students on different meal plans sit and eat with their friends?

    The  take-out program enables students on unlimited or meals per week plans to use a meal swipe at Dine-In locations and fill a clamshell container "to go" and then sit in a retail area with friends. Reusable take-out containers are also now available. Watch the video below for a quick overview of how they work:

  • Are Dine-In Meal Swipes accepted on East Campus (at Health Sciences or at the Hospital)?

    If you are a Health Sciences student and would like to have a dual meal plan, bring your student ID to the FSA Services Office (East Side Dining Room 157) and complete the Dual Meal Plan Agreement form. You may also  request a dual meal plan online. Your meal plan cannot be used at Starbucks at University Hospital.

    Dine-In Meal Swipes can only be used at West Side Dining and East Side Dining, but you may use Dining Dollars on east campus.

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