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Dietary Needs

Campus Dining does their best to meet the needs of all their guests. If you have any special dietary concerns such as vegetarian, vegan, halal, kosher, gluten free, food allergies, low cholesterol, low fat, or low sugar dietary needs, please feel free to visit our Campus Dining Dietitian for a FREE consultation. To set up an appointment please call (631) 632-9979. More information can also be obtained by visiting the campus dining website.

Medical Exemptions

If you have special dietary needs based on allergies or other medical conditions it is important for you to meet with our Campus Dining Dietitian. We will evaluate your needs and dietary restrictions to determine whether or not Campus Dining is able to meet your needs. To make an appointment call (631) 632-9979.

Request for a waiver must be made in writing to the Student Accessibility Support Center. Please download and complete the Documentation of Disability form and other required documentation. This must be done prior to, or within two weeks of, moving on campus. Those residents who obtain a meal plan waiver will be required to reside in or relocate to a residence hall/area designated as cooking. A pro-rated weekly charge for meal plan will result until such time as a waiver is obtained. Any dietary concerns should be directed to the  Campus Dining Dietitian at (631) 632-9979.

Other Meal Plan Exemption

You are not required to be on a meal plan if you are 23 years or older and living in a cooking room.

Halal / Kosher Dining

Students on special diets can meet their needs through our various dining venues. For information on where to find Halal and Kosher on campus, visit the campus dining website.

First year students: If you feel that you require an exemption for Halal or Kosher, you will need approval from Jennifer Handel (631-632-6565) for Kosher or Chaplain Nadim (631-632-9769) for Halal.

Vegan/Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian and Vegan menu items are available at all meal periods at both Dine-In locations. More information.

Food Allergies

Campus Dining is proud to offer allergen-friendly dining menus. Allergen-friendly menu items are free of any of the eight most common food allergens. More information.