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Commuter and Apartment Students

Save money with every purchase: All meal plans, including the budget (prepaid) plan are sales-tax free!

Apartment students are those students who reside in an on-campus apartment building: West, Schomburg, or Chapin. Commuters are students who reside off-campus. Meal plans are optional for commuter and apartment students.

Need to change your meal plan? Downgrades can be made during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Upgrades can be made anytime throughout the semester. To request a change visit the FSA Services Office at 157 East Side Dining or fill out a form  online.

Have questions about the meal plan?  Check out our FAQs!

Budget Plan (Prepaid) 1

This plan is for the student who likes to grab an occasional coffee and/or quick snack on their way to class.

  • 20 Dining Dollars (minimum to open)
  • Prepaid cost
  • No sign-up required
  • NO Fees!

Add Funds to Your Card

1 Meal Swipes cannot be added to this plan. Only commuters or students residing in a cooking building who are not required to be on a meal plan may select this plan.

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Additional Plans


Meal Exchanges

NEW! Add Meal Exchanges to any Unlimited Meal Plan when you sign up, or at any point throughout the semester! Meal Exchanges can be used to purchase a preset menu option at the SAC Food Court, Roth Cafe and East Side Dining retail locations. Meal Exchanges do not roll over and expire at the end of each semester. Remaining balances are forfeited.

  • 16 Meal Exchanges: $100
  • 34 Meal Exchanges: $200
  • 52 Meal Exchanges: $300
Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars can be added to any plan when you sign up, or at any point throughout the semester. Dining Dollars roll over from fall to spring and expire at the end of the Spring semester. Remaining balances are forfeited.

Terms and Conditions    FAQs

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