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MoSoy Catalyst is a novel catalyst derived from a low-cost, earth-abundant metal—molybdenum (Mo)—and renewable soybeans (Soy). This catalyst produces hydrogen in an environmentally friendly, cost-effective way, eliminating the need for expensive metal catalysts such as platinum to speed up the rate at which water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. More>>


Investing in the Future of STEM

Tahseen Tabassum has always been fascinated by 3D printers since the machinery became popular a few years ago. In working with her professor Dr. Taejin Kim, Tabassum spent her summer designing and creating reactors using 3D printing.   More>>


URECA researcher of the month

Jennifer Imbrogno is a member of the University Scholars program majoring in Chemical and Molecular Engineering with a Japanese Studies minor, from Massaapequa, NY. She has been active doing research on polymer thin films in Dr. Tadanori Koga’s lab in the Materials Science Department since spring 2014. Jennifer participated in the URECA Explorations in STEM summer program in 2014. More>>