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SBU AIChE Mission and Objectives

     The American Institute of Chemical Engineers at Stony Brook University promotes professional development within the context of Chemical Engineering academia and industry. Meetings are discussion-based and dynamic to best incorporate member input. Events include the fast-paced Interview Bootcamp, in which members are tasked with answering common and difficult interview questions that challenge critical thinking skills, professional intelligence, and spoken abilities. Writing successful and unique professional documents is also an integral focus of the club. See our new SBU/AICHE website for details.

     SBU AIChE is proud to take part in the National and Regional AIChE Conferences, each held once a year. The chapter consistently brings a large number of Stony Brook students to these events, where members network with professionals, strengthen bonds with sister chapters, and compete in poster competitions and the Chem-E Car competition. On a monthly basis, the club attends AIChE Metro Meetings in New York City to advance professional development and the Stony Brook name.


     The American Institute of Chemical Engineers at Stony Brook aims to further the National Chapter Mission in providing value as “the Global Leader of the chemical Engineering profession, The Lifetime Center for professional & personal growth, and security of chemical engineers, [and] The Foremost Catalyst in applying chemical engineering expertise in meeting societal needs” (AIChE). 


2016-2017 Executive Board Biographies



Faculty Advisor: Professor Tae Jin Kim is the faculty advisor for the Stony Brook AIChE Chapter. He is an assistant professor within the Chemical and Molecular Engineering Program, in which he teaches courses including Introduction to Chemical Engineering, Materials and Energy Balance, and Catalysis. He is the PI within the Energy and Environmental Catalysis Laboratory.

President | Shweta Iyer

     Shweta Iyer is the President of SBU AIChE. She has interned with Honeywell UOP, GE Power, and GE Industrial Solutions, serving as a radionuclide researcher, engineer, and pricing analyst, respectively. She will be joining BAE Systems post-graduation and will pursue an MBA.

Vice President | Helen Liu

     Helen Liu is the Vice President of SBU AIChE. She is responsible for many of the logistical and professional functions of the club. In the past, she has worked with the Chem-E Car team as a co-captain, and hopes to join the energy industry after graduation.

Treasurer | Asim Rattu

     Asim Rattu is the Treasurer of SBU AIChE. He interned with GE Power in their Control Systems Engineering department for combined cycle power plants. In the past, he has served as Senator of the Undergraduate Student Government and as a tutor in the athletic department.

Secretary | Nicole Passariello

     Nicole Passariello is the Secretary of SBU AIChE, in which she manages communications between the club, Chemical Engineering department, and external contacts. She is a coffee connoisseur and plans on joining industry post-graduation.