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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to take an FL placement exam if I took the AP, IB, or SAT II?

You do not need to take the Placement Exam if you received one of the following scores:

    • 3 or better on the Foreign language AP exam
    • 5 or better on the  IB higher-level exam 
    • 530 or higher on a foreign language SAT II exam

Note: Students who took NY State standardized Regents exams in  2011 or earlier with a score of 85 or higher are exempt from taking the Foreign Language Placement Exam. However, keep in mind that individual high schools' Regents exams are not equal to statewide Regents exams.

If I have college credit, documented on a college transcript, from a college-level language course that I took in high school, do I still need to take the FL Placement Exam?

In this case, please consult with an Academic Advisor.  In general, if you have a college transcript that documents satisfactory completion of level language I & II, then you will not need to take the FL Placement exam. 

Where does the Placement Exam take place?

          Until further notice, FLPE exams will be administered online via Zoom.

Do I need to make an appointment to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam?

          Until further notice, you must make an appointment to take the FLPE via Zoom.  You can do so here

How do I prepare for the Placement Exam?

Because the goal of the exam is to test your core proficiency in a foreign language , no prior formal preparation is necessary or required.

How long is the Placement Exam?

The duration of the placement exam varies from student to student; however, the average amount of time ranges from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

Do I need to take the FL placement exam in a language that I have never formally taken/studied?

No, students should only take a placement exam in a language in which they have had formal or informal (as heritage speakers) prior exposure. 

I took more than one language while in high school; may I take the Placement Exam in more than one language?

Yes, as long as your high school transcript indicates this fact, then you qualify to take more than one FL placement exam.

Can I take the FL Placement exam more than once?

No, you can only take the placement exam one time per language.

I studied a language that is not offered by the FL Placement exam, what can I do?

For languages not included in the FL placement exams, please refer to the  Challenge Exam.

Is the FL placement exam the same as the FL challenge exam?

No, the  Challenge Exam is separate from the placement exam.

How can I see the results of my FL placement exam?

The results of your placement exam will appear in your SOLAR account in your Degree Progress Report within 5-7 business days from the date you took the exam. Consult the table at the end of the  FLPE page  on how to interpret your score.