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2015 News

UISFL 2016 Study Abroad Scholarship Winners

The UISFL 2016 Study Abroad Scholarship Winners have been selected! Read more to see the winners' bios, their future plans, and what they have to say about the scholarship.

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Incorporating 'Google Voice Typing' in to Language Classrooms

Google recently released a feature called Google Voice Typing which allows users to type documents using their voice. The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC) director and Associate Italian Professor Andrea Fedi has already put this to use with his Italian students this fall. In this article, he discusses his experience, its advantages, and its benefits for language learning. "I was anxious to integrate this feature into my class work," he says.

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New Advanced Language Studies Certification offered by the LLRC

The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC) has created a new certificate, funded by the UISFL grant, for students who show competence and proficiency in an advanced language, regardless of whether they have completed a minor in that language or not.  This certificate is an official recognition of  the efforts and the achievements of students of any major who wish to work in a global context and want the added proof of their abilities to do so.

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Study of Communication between Foreign TAs and American Undergraduates

Stony Brook University, as well as many other universities in the United States, is known for its large number of non-native English speaking instructors, specifically foreign graduate PhD students who serve as ITAs (International Teaching Assistants).  Now, thanks to a $1M National Science Foundation grant, Stony Brook University will be able to address and research this issue in actual Stony Brook classrooms with actual students.

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The MIC Distinguished Lecture Series: The Role of Technology in Shaping Multilingual Language and Literacy Practices: Toward a Relational Pedagogy

The Center for Multilingual and Intercultural Communication (MIC) presents a new lecture by Richard Kern from University of California at Berkeley as a part of the Lecture series. This lecture will be held on Friday, October 2, 2:00 - 3:00 PM in Humanities 2001. Click here for the lecture flyer.

Language Diversity Series: Language Continuity, Contact, and Change: The Greek (Romekya) Varieties in Turkey Today

The Language Diversity Series resumes for the Fall 2015 semester with a presentation by Professor Ioanna Sitaridou from Cambridge University. The lecture will be held on Thursday, September 10, 1:00 PM in F. Melville Library Room E4340. Click here for the lecture flyer.

RUS 213: A Russian Course for Native Russian Speakers!

This is a course intended for “Heritage speakers” of Russian, i.e. students who speak Russian with their families, but have not received any formal education in Russian. It is a course that has a  Synchronous Distance Learning Component, so that all SUNY students can sign up and participate in the class via live chat technology among Stony Brook students who are physically in the classroom. 

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Scholarships to Study Abroad (Summer/Fall 2015)

The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC) at Stony Brook University invites applications for scholarships to fund undergraduate study abroad during Summer 2015 and/or Fall 2015. These scholarships are funded through a generous grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

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Heritage Language Roundtable

We are pleased to announce the first Heritage Language Round Table at SBU, organized by The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC) and the Center for Multlingual and Intercultural Communication (MIC) at Stony Brook University and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education ( UISFL grant).

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STARTALK at Stony Brook, Summer 2015

The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC) has been awarded a federal STARTALK grant of $89,680 to offer less-commonly taught languages at Stony Brook. This grant will allow our Center to offer Intensive Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Korean courses during the Summer of 2015. 

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Become a Certified Korean Teacher!

SBU is now offering the first Korean Teacher Certification Program in the nation. If you are interested in teaching the Korean language, the NYS Teacher Certification in Korean, and/or Dual-Teacher Certifications, come and learn about the Korean Teacher Education Program.

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LLRC and MIC Are Awarded $175,000 Grant from the U.S. Department of Education

The Language Learning Research Center (LLRC),  in collaboration with the Center for Multilingual and Intercultural Communication (MIC), has received a U.S. Department of Education (DoE) grant under the auspices of the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Languages Program (UISFL). This two-year grant, for a total of $175,000, will fund a joint project entitled "Developing and Strengthening Heritage and Advanced-Level Language Education."  

Congratulations to all the faculty and the directors who were involved in the grant application, especially to Eriko Sato, Sarah Jourdain, Agnes He, Jiwon Huang, Lilia Ruiz-Debbe, and Julian Chen.

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