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The Berkeley Language Center (BLC) has developed a comprehensive resource database of foreign language film clips for language teachers: 

Participation in this Consortium is free and use of the database and film clips is also free according to the "fair use" guidelines under certain conditions. Specifically, we would be allowed to use clips from films that the Stony Brook University library, and/or the LLRC on campus, own in DVD and/or blue-ray format. The on-campus site manager at Stony Brook University will communicate with the BLC about which films we own and update that information regularly when new acquisitions arrive. Our on-site manager would also ensure that only Stony Brook faculty, lecturers, adjuncts and TAs have access to the database.

For faculty members or TAs who are interested in exploring this resourceful film database and incorporating foreign language film clips into instruction, please contact the Technical Director of the LLRC for setting up a BLC account. A follow-up workshop on accessing the BLC database and features will also be scheduled.

For more hands-on ideas on teaching with foreign language film clips, please refer to:
Kaiser, M., & Shibahara, C. (2014). Film as Source Material in Advanced Foreign Language Classes. L2 Journal, 6(1). Retrieved July 31, 2014 from


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