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The M.A. Degree in TESOL


The M.A. TESOL Program is a professional education program designed to prepare graduate students to teach English to speakers of other languages.  A unique feature of our program is its combination of extensive field experience and clinical practice with grounding in intellectually rigorous coursework based in the scientific study of language structure, language use, and language acquisition.  The degree requires students to complete a total of 30 credits of coursework with an overall average of B or higher. TESOL certification for teaching in New York State public schools is also available, with additional requirements outlined here

In addition to the minimum Graduate School requirements, the following are required:

  1. Coursework
    1. All of the following – 21 credits
      • LIN 522 Phonetics
      • LIN 524 TESOL Pedagogy: Theory and Practice (Methods I)

              & LIN 579 Field Experience N-12
      • LIN 527 Structure of English
      • LIN 529 TESOL Pedagogy: Language & Literacy Development Through Content Areas (Methods II)

              & LIN 579 Field Experience N-12
      • LIN 530 Introduction to General Linguistics
      • LIN 571 TESOL Pedagogy: Curriculum Design and Evaluation 

             & LIN 578 Field Experience in Adult & Tertiary Contexts
    2. Two of the following – 6 credits
      • LIN 525 Contrastive Analysis
      • LIN 526 Analysis of an Uncommonly Taught Language
      • LIN 532 Second Language Acquisition
      • LIN 541 Bilingualism
      • LIN 542 Sociolinguistics
      • LIN 544 Language Acquisition and Literacy Development
      • LIN 555 Error Analysis
      • Or any other TESOL related courses approved by the graduate director.
    3. Elective – 3 credits

      One additional course from those listed in category (b) above, or another appropriate course approved by the department.
  2. Performance

    The student must achieve an overall grade point average (GPA) of B (3.0) or higher in all graduate courses taken at Stony Brook in order to receive a degree.
  3. Course Waivers

    Certain required courses may be waived for students showing an exceptional background in linguistics or TESOL. Application for such waivers must be made in writing to the department. In any case, all students must complete 30 graduate credits of approved coursework to receive a degree.

For more info on the program and admission, contact   Michelle Carbone  (Grad Secretary) or   Daniel Finer (MA Director).

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