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Richard K. Larson





Ph.D. 1983, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Tel. (631) 632-7778

Selected Articles
    • (2018) Larson, R.K., M. den Dikken and P. Ludlow Intensional transitive verbs and abstract clausal complementation. In Grzankowski, Alex and Michelle Montague (eds.) Non-Propositional Intentionality. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • 2017. Zhang Chong and Larson, Richard. Light heads and applicative shift in Mandarin. In Feng, Shengli and Wei-tien Dylan, Tsai (eds.). Hanyu qingdongci jufa yanjiu (Studies in Chinese Light Verb Syntax,《汉语轻动词句法研究》). Beijing: Peking University Press.
    • 2017 Larson, R.K. On "dative idioms" in English. Linguistic Inquiry 48: 389-426.
    • 2017. Larson, R.K. and I. LaTerza. Revisiting Article-S. Revista LinguíStica 13: 51-87.
    • 2017. Heirarchies of features vs. heirarchies of projections. In Fuzhen Si (ed.) Studies in Syntactic Cartography. pp.41-65. Bejiing: China Social Sciences Press.
    • 2015 Cheung, C. and R.K. Larson. Psych verbs in English and Mandarin. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 33: 127-189.
    • 2012 Larson, R.K. and M. Sawada. Root transformations and quantificational structure. In L. Haegeman, R. Nye and L. Aelbrecht (eds.) Main Clause Phenomena: New Horizons. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
    • 2011 Larson, R.K. Clauses, propositions and phases. In A-M DiSciullo and C. Boeckx (eds.) The Biolinguistic Enterprise: New Perspectives on the Evolution and Nature of the Human Language Faculty . (pp. 366-391) Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • 2010 Larson, R.K. On Pylkkänen's semantics for low applicatives. Linguistic Inquiry 41: 701-704.
    • 2009 Larson, R.K. Chinese as a reverse Ezafe language. Yuyanxue Luncong (Journal of Linguistics) 39: 30-85. Peking University.
    • 2009 Harada, N. and R.K. Larson. Datives in Japanese. In R. Shibagaki and R. Vermeulen (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL5). MIT Working Papers in Linguistics Vol. 54. (pp.3-17) Cambridge, MA: MITWPL.
    • 2008 Larson, R.K. and H. Yamakido. Ezafe and the deep position of nominal modifiers. In L. McNally and C. Kennedy (eds.) Adjectives and adverbs. Syntax, Semantics, and Discourse. (pp.43-70) Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • 2007 Larson, R.K. and N. Takahashi. Order and interpretation in prenominal relative clauses. In M. Kelepir and B. Öztürk (eds.) Proceedings of the Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics II. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics Vol. 54. (pp.101-120) Cambridge, MA: MITWPL.
    • 2005 Vassilieva, M. and R.K. Larson. The semantics of the plural pronoun construction. Natural Language Semantics 13:101-124.
    • 2004 R.K. Larson. Sentence-final adverbs and scope. In M. Wolf and K. Moulton (eds.) Proceedings of NELS 34. (pp.23-43) UMASS: GLSA.
    • 2004 Sawada, M. and R.K. Larson. Presupposition and root transforms in adjunct clauses. In M. Wolf and K. Moulton (eds.) Proceedings of NELS 34. (pp. 517-528) UMASS: GLSA.
    • 2004 Larson, R.K. and F. Marusic. Indefinite pronoun structures with APs. Linguistic Inquiry 35: 268-287.
    • 2003 Larson, R.K. Time and event measure. In J. Hawthorne and D. Zimmerman (eds.) Philosophical Perspectives 17, Language and Philosophical Linguistics. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press.
    • 2003 Larson, R.K. Event descriptions in Fon and Haitian Creole. In D. Adone (ed.) Development in Creole Studies. Tuebingen: Niemeyer.
    • 2003 Larson, R.K. and C. Cho. Temporal adjectives and the structure of possessive DPs. Natural Language Semantics.11:217-247.
    • 2002 Larson, R.K. and H. Yamakido. A new form of nominal ellipsis in Japanese . In P. Clancy (ed.) Japanese/Korean Linguistics Vol. 11. Stanford: CSLI.
    • 2002 Larson, R.K. The grammar of intensionality. In G. Preyer and G. Peter (eds.) Logical Form and Language. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
    • 2001 Vassilieva, M. and R. Larson. The semantics of the plural pronoun construction. In R. Hastings, B. Jackson and Z. Zvolenszky (eds.) Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) XI. Ithaca: CLC Publications, Dept. of Linguistics, Cornell University.
    • 1999 Larson, R.K. and C. Cho. Temporal adjectives and the structure of possessive DPs. In: Proceedings of WCCFL 18. Somerville, MA: Casadilla Press.
    • 1998 Larson, R.K. Events and modification in nominals. In D. Strolovitch and A. Lawson (eds.) Proceedings from Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) VIII. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
    • 1995 Larson, R.K. Semantics. In L. Gleitman (ed.) Invitation to Cognitive Science. Vol. 1 Language. Cambridge: MIT Press.
    • 1993 Larson, R.K. and P. Ludlow. Interpreted logical forms. Synthese 95, 305-355.
    • 1991 Larson, R.K. and C. Lefebvre. Predicate clefting in Haitian Creole. In Proceedings of NELS 21, GLSA, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
    • 1991 Larson, R.K. Some issues in verb serialization. In C. Lefebvre, (ed.) Verb Serialization, John Benjamins, Amsterdam.
    • 1991 Larson, R.K. Promise and the theory of control. Linguistic Inquiry 22: 103-139.
    • 1990 Larson, R.K. Double objects revisited: reply to Jackendoff. Linguistic Inquiry 21: 589-632.
    • 1990 Larson, R.K. Extraction and multiple selection in PP. The Linguistic Review 7: 169-182.
    • 1990 Larson, R.K. Semantics. In D. Osherson, (ed.) Invitation to Cognitive Science. Vol. 1.Language. Cambridge: MIT Press.
    • 1990 Larson, R.K. and R. May. Antecedent containment or vacuous movement: reply to Baltin. Linguistic Inquiry 21: 103-122.
    • 1989 Kim, Y.j. and R.K. Larson. Scope interpretation and the syntax of psych-verbs. Linguistic Inquiry 20: 681-688.
    • 1988 Larson, R.K. Implicit arguments in Situation Semantics. Linguistics and Philosophy 11: 169-201.
    • 1988 Larson, R.K. On the double object construction. Linguistic Inquiry 19: 335-391.
    • 1988 Larson, R.K. Scope and comparatives. Linguistics and Philosophy 11: 1-26.
    • 1987 Larson, R.K. 'Missing prepositions' and the analysis of English free relative clauses. Linguistic Inquiry 16: 239-266.
    • 1985 Larson, R.K. Bare-NP adverbs. Linguistic Inquiry 14: 595-621.
    • 1985 Larson, R.K. On the syntax of disjunction scope. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 3: 217-264.
    • 1982 Larson, R.K. A note on the interpretation of adjoined relative clauses. Linguistics and Philosophy 5: 473-482.
    • 1982 Larson, R.K. and R. Cooper. The syntax and semantics of when-questions. Linguistics and Philosophy 5: 155-169.
    • 1980 Larson, R.K. On a recent analysis of English auxiliaries. Cahiers Linguistiques d'Ottawa 9: 283-293.
    • forthcoming Larson, R. Semantics as science. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
    • 2014 Larson, R.K. On shell structure. London: Routledge.
    • 2010 Larson, R. Grammar as science. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
    • 2010 Larson, R., V. Deprez, and H. Yamakido. The evolution of language: biolinguistic perspectives. New York: Cambridge University Press.
    • 1995 Larson, R.K. and G. Segal. Knowledge of meaning. Cambridge, MA: Bradford Books/MIT Press.
    • 1992 Larson, R.K., S. Iatridou, U. Lahiri, and J. Higginbotham. Control and grammar. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishing Group.
Selected Presentations
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