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Courses in Linguistics


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The department offers a wide range of courses on linguistics.

List of Undergraduate Courses in Linguistics

List of Graduate Courses in Linguistics 


Current Courses

The course schedule is powered by SBU Class Find. Please bear in mind that the system might not reflect the most recent change including class time and place. In cases of uncertainty, please contact the instructor of the course for the up-to-date class information.

Spring 2020 Undergraduate Course Schedule

Spring 2020 Graduate Course Schedule

Fall 2019 Undergraduate Course Schedule

Fall 2019 Graduate Course Schedule


Graduate seminar courses (600 level) have content that varies from one offering to the next. The following link proivides information about the current seminar courses.

Spring 2020 Graduate Seminar Information

Fall 2019 Graduate Seminar Information

Spring 2019 Graduate Seminar Information

Fall 2018 Graduate Seminar Information