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Rare Books

The Rare Book Collection includes 20,000 rare, scarce and unique titles dating from 1493 to the present. Cataloging records can be accessed on STARS, the University Libraries' online catalog. Subject areas include 16th and 17th century history and literature, Long Island and New York history, classics in Latin, Irish literature, the Perishable Press Limited, Black Mountain poets, natural sciences, and book and printing history. The oldest book in the collection is The Nuremberg Chronicle, a pictorial history of the earth published in 1493 that was compiled by Dr. Hartmann Schedel, illustrated and engraved by Michael Wohlgemuth, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff and Albrecht Dürer, and printed and published by Anton Koberger.

L'Illustration, 6 December 1924

Book Arts and Literature, featuring the Perishable Press Limited
The study and appreciation of the book arts can be ascertained by consulting the archives of the renowned book artist Walter Hamady, founder of Perishable Press Limited, the sketches of Italian American illustrator Valenti Angelo, and the department’s extensive Literary Broadsides Collection, which contains original works by Conrad Aiken, Paul Blackburn, Charles Bukowski, Robert Bly, and Allen Ginsberg.

Long Island Collection: more than 2,000 volumes on the history, people, and places of Long Island. 

Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection
In 2002, Queens College professor and lifetime collector of Chinese cookbooks Jacqueline M. Newman donated her collection of more than 2,600 English-language Chinese cookbooks to Stony Brook University. The collection of its type in the world, today it includes: more than 4,000 Chinese cookbooks; books on Chinese food culture, medicine, and history; haute cuisine magazines; artifacts; and audio-visual materials. These materials provide a valuable record of the Chinese diaspora that has carried its rich cuisine to every corner of the globe. Dr. Newman's extensive annotated bibliography is available online, thereby making it accessible worldwide. The collection is a valuable record of the Chinese diaspora and provides researchers with the opportunity to conceptualize food history and its anthropologic, sociologic, cultural and historic values. Read and learn more...

Baker-Pisano American Art History Research Collection
The Baker-Pisano American Art Research Collection is a special collection of rare, first edition, and autographed art books published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ronald G. Pisano (1948-2000) authored several books on Long Island artists, and the definitive study of The Tile Club, which was the basis of a 1999 exhibition at The Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages. For over thirty years, he worked on the catalog raisonné of William Merritt Chase, which was completed by D. Frederick Baker, with the assistance of Carolyn K. Lane, in four volumes published by Yale University Press (2006-2010). Cataloging records can be accessed by entering "Baker-Pisano" in STARS, the University Libraries' online catalog.

Douglas J. Crooks Collection: rare and scarce books on the history of Haiti, dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Daniel Thomas Moran Collection: 20th century, autographed books of literature and poetry, donated by Dr. Moran.

AIDC 100 Collection: a special collection of books about automatic identification and data capture, including the development of bar codes, punched codes, RFID, and other wireless technologies.

William A. Higinbotham Collection: a growing collection of unique books documenting the history of video games, arcades, and game studies.

Collecting focus: books that complement existing collections; first editions, scarce, and autographed books; books with brittle or compromised bindings and/or paper; and books that are transferred from the circulating collections for security purposes.

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