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Main Title:
Josiah Hand Collection

Type of Material: Document
Personal Name: Josiah Hand, William H. Helme, Jesse Hedges, Ithuel Hill
Collection ID: Collection 340
Creator: Josiah Hand and William H. Helme
Extent: 1 sheet, 23 cm x 30 cm
Span Dates: 21 March 1798


Josiah Hand Collection
Collection 340

Josiah Hand and William H. Helme

The document was acquired by purchase from Antipodean Books.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note
Contract for the sale of a "Negro lad by the name of Jack" in Southampton, Long Island, New York on March 21, 1798. 
"Jack," aged 17 years and five months, was conveyed from Josiah Hand to William H. Helme for a period of six years and seven months, and was then to be freed. 

1 sheet (23 cm x 30 cm), signed at the bottom by Josiah Hand and William H. Helme, and witnessed by Jesse Hedges and Ithuel Hill. Two small wax seals. 

Processing Note
Transcription was completed in October 2015 by students in EGL 494, Honor Practicum: Research, professor Douglas Pfeiffer, with edits by Lynn Toscano.

Quinn Adikes
Tanner Bruckmann
Georgia Cartmill
Janaea Eads
Melissa Harney
Elizabeth Hermitt
Maddison Martinez
Brian Mazeski
Christine Publik (typed transcription)
Ryan Stears
Nicketa Ramdeholl

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The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

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Slavery Document Collection, Special Collections, Stony Brook University Libraries.


Know all men by these presents that of Josiah
Hand of the town of Southampton County
of Suffolk & State of New York do sell dispose
of & convey over to William H. Helme of
the town of Southold County of Suffolk
& State of New York for and in consideration
of the sum of sixty Pounds York currency
a Negro lad (^by the name of Jack) being seventeen years & five
months old, faithfully to serve during the
term of six years & seven months from the
Date hereof at the expiration of which term
the said William H. Helme promises to manu-
mit him and set him free, provided notwith-
standing the sd. Negro does not faithfully
serve during the above term or shall be guilty
of uncommon disorderly behaviour, of theft,
running away, or is the instrument of
any damage or uncommon expence accru-
ing to the said Helme, he shall serve so much
longer as any two Justices of the Peace
shall deem proper as an indemnification
for the disorderly behavior damage or
expence as above states - To which agree-
-ment or Contract we have interchangea-
-bly set our hands and seals this 21st
 Day of March 1798.

Josiah Hand
William H. Helme

In presence of
Jesse Hedges
Ithuel Hill

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