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Main Title:
Ezra L'Hommedieu Autographed Document

Type of Material: Correspondence
Personal Name: Ezra L'Hommedieu
Collection ID: Collection 424
Creator: Ezra L'Hommedieu
Extent: 1 page; 18.5 x 19.5 cm.
Span Dates: 29 March 1757


Ezra L'Hommedieu Autographed Document
Collection 424


Autographed document addressed to Isaac Scidmore and signed by (Ezra) L'Hommedieu (1734 - 1811), a delegate to New York in the Continental Congress from 1779-83 and 1788.
Dated 29 March 1757.
Dimensions: 1 page; 18.5 x 19.5 cm.

Acquired from Alexander Autographs in November 2008.
Processed by Kristen J. Nyitray, Head of Special Collections and University Archives in February 2009. Updated April 2014.

Historical Context

In this early legal document, Isaac Scidmore has been ordered to appear in the Suffolk County Hall, on October 2, 1757 and to bring with him his grandfather John Scidmore's will and the deeds to a property in order to settle a dispute. A fine of 100 pounds will be levied against him if he fails to appear. The term "per curiam" is written near the end of the document. A per curiam decision is a delivered via an opinion issued in the name of the Court rather than specific justices.

Ezra L'Hommedieu (1734-1811) was born in Southold, Long Island, New York. Born into a Long Island family of Dutch and French Huguenot ancestry, he practiced law in New York City after his graduation from Yale in 1754. L'Hommedieu was a noted patriot of the Revolutionary War era and represented New York in the Continental Congress during the years 1779-87 and 1788. He also served in the State Assembly as a senator and other local offices, and was an author of the New York State Constitution. He helped to design the lighthouse at Montauk Point, a project on which he advised George Washington and also developed methods of scientific farming, including the use of ground seashells to fertilize soils.

Ezra L'Hommedieu served as clerk of Suffolk County from January 1784 to March 1810 and from March 1811 until his death. He is buried in the Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Southold near the grave of his first wife, the former Charity Floyd, whose brother was General William Floyd, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.


"By virtue of a supena to you directed and here
with shown unto you, all businesses and expenses
whatsoever laid aside you are personally to be and
appear at the County Hall in and for the County
of Suffolk on Tuesday the second day of October
? and bring along with you your Grand
father John Scidmores original will and
also three deeds one from Cornelius Conklin
to John Scidmore another from William
Jarvis, John Mott and John Titus. The other
from John Whitman to said John Scidmore
And this you will not omitt (sic) or paid of one
hundred pounds.

To Isaac Scidmore
Dated 29 March 1757

Per curiam


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