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Korean Speech Competition

한국어 말하기 대회

The Center for Korean Studies at Stony Brook University has offered Korean language courses since 1980 and promoted education, research and publications on Korea for over 35 years. Every semester over 200 students take Korean language classes from beginning to advanced levels. Currently, SBU is the only college in the entire country that offers a teacher certification program for Korean language educators in public schools. The Korean speech contest, first started in 2016, is an annual event where Korean language learners of all levels and the faculty get together, express themselves in Korean, inspire each other, and celebrate their learning of Korean language and culture.
  • Deadline for Application: March 20th
  • To apply:
    • Email with your entry level (Beginner or Intermediate+)


Congratulations to the Winners from Spring 2017!


Anne McNulty


Beginner: Alice Shao

Intermediate+: Marquelle Desti-Manns


Beginner: Ophelia Liang

Intermediate+: Ivy Lin Wu

예쁜 우리말상

Beginner: Gayatri Sehgal

Intermediate+: Yuxin Yang


2nd Annual Contest, Spring 2017 

1st Annual Contest, Spring 2016


Thank you for the encouraging words from our faculty here at SBU.

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