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Sung-bae Park, Ph.D.


Sung-Bae Park is Professor of Asian Philosophy and Religions. His expertise is in Buddhism, East Asian Philosophy and Religions in Korea, and interfaith dialogue, especially Buddhist-Christian dialogue. His major publications include: One Korean’s Approach to BUDDHISM: The Mom/Momjit Paradigm (SUNY Press, 2009); Buddhist Faith and Sudden Enlightenment (SUNY Press, 1983); The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue (with Lewis Lancaster, University of California Press, 1979). He is interested in the relationship between Hua-yen philosophy and Zen experience with a special attention to faith, practice and enlightenment in Mahayana Buddhism. Dr. Park is currently serving as General Editor, the Wonhyo Translation Project; Editor, Korean Studies Series, SUNY Press; Director of the Center for Korean Studies, State University of New York at Stony Brook; and Konkuk University Ambassador for International Affairs (2006).
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