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Spring 2013


Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 4P.M.

Humanities Bld. 1006

Dr. Oryang KwonProfessor, Seoul National University

"English as  National Policy: The Case of Korea Roles of the State, the Society, and the Professionals in English Education in South Korea"



English language is deemed as a critical element in the people’s endeavor to climb the social class ladder, and in the nation’s efforts to survive and prevail in the competitive international arena. Improvement of English education, therefore, is of primary concern not only to professionals but also to the society and the government in each nation of this region. As such, the three groups assume important roles in English-as-a-foreign language education. If their respective roles are ideally allocated and cooperatively played, the effects of such harmony would be an improvement in English education. However, reality shows that their roles often overlap or are in conflict with each other, resulting in confusion and difficulties. Dr. Kwon will discuss positive and negative effects of these three groups’ roles in policy-making and implementing English education in Korea as well as other Asian countries. Teaching opportunities for English speakers in Korea will also be addressed.


Dr. Oryang Kwon is currently a professor at Seoul National University, Korea. Dr.Kwon served as the president of Korea TESOL (1995-1996), the Korea Association of Teachers of English (KATE) (2002-2004), and the Korea English Language Testing Association (KELTA) (2000-2011). He has been and is on several advisory committees for the Ministry of Education of Korea, currently chairing the Advisory Committee for the National English Ability Test (NEAT). He is on the editorial board of Language Testing, the international journal of the International Language Testing Association. In 2012, he chaired the Exam Writing Committee of Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test (大學修學能力試驗).




Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 7 P.M. 

Humanities room 1006


Movie Night II-"Sunny" 

**Refreshments will be served. 

Reminiscing on fond memories of past friendships and youthful passion, Nami recalls her high school days as a transfer student from a small town to the capital city of Seoul where she met a unique group of girls and created the group, "Sunny". Present-day Nami, although leading a wealthy lifestyle with her family, feels incomplete and embarks on a plan to reunite "Sunny".





Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 5:30 P.M.-6:30 P.M.

Humanities Bld. #1006 

Dr. Hyon-U Lee, English Literature, Soon Chun Hyang University
"The Yard and Korean Shakespeare" 

Romeo and Juliet


Talk Summary 

Using an open space such as yards as acting is the most distinguishable characteristic of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, which was rebuilt in 1996 in London. Coincidently, it is a very characteristic quality of the traditional Korean theatre, as well. The talk will compare the theatrical cultures of the West and Korea in terms of theatrical space and introduce how the yard techniques of the West were integrated with local theatrical culture to produce “Korean” productions of the Shakespeare plays.

About the Speaker 
Hyon-u Lee is professor in the Department of English at Soon Chun Hyang University in South Korea. His work focuses on Shakespeare, especially in performances. He is the author of Shakespeare: Audience, Stage, and Texts (in Korean, 2004), the first author of Glocalizing Shakespeare in Korea and beyond (2009), and the translator of The First Quarto of Hamlet (2007) and Seneca’s Oedipus (2007). He has also published many essays, written theatre criticism, directed stage productions, and performed as an actor on stage and in television. He was awarded the 2012 PAF stage director award for his directing Therese Raquin in 2011. He is editor of the journal of the Classic and Renaissance English Literature Association of Korea and Multicultural Shakespeare: Translation, Appropriation, and Performance. He is the performance director of Shakespeare Association of Korea, and a correspondent of The World Shakespeare Bibliography (online) produced by Shakespeare Quarterly. Dr. Lee is currently a visiting scholar to the Center for Korean Studies. 



Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2013, 7:00PM 
Place: Charles B. Wang Center Theatre
Admission: $10 (all), including meal. Discount of 20% available to groups of 5 or more.
Reserve by telephone (632-4400), or email ( 
CHWITADAE (Korean Court or Military Music)/Bibimbap Night
chwitadae   Bibimbap Event
About the Event
Chwitadae is an award-winning ensemble on a mission to bring Korean performing arts to an international audience. Taking its name from chwita, literally meaning "to blow and to hit", Daechwita combines winds and percussion in ia style that will stretch Western ears both timberally and melodically. for this program, Chwitadae also includes elements of samulnori, the traditional Korean folk genre. Followed by the performance, there will be a Bibimbap event.

Bibimbap is a Korean signature dish that is loved by many Korean people. It  contains rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables), sliced meat, fried/half-cooked egg and gochujang (chili pepper paste). The ingredients are stirred together just before eating. A giant bowl of Bibimbap will be catered by KeumGangSan restaurant in Flushing. The concept of Jeong is what we may call 'affection' or amicable feeling towards something or somebody, and is often shown through sharing. The Center for Korean Studies and Charles B. Wang Center would like to invite you for this unforgettable event and experience the Korean way of Jeong by sharing the Bibimbap.  

**This event is Co-Presented by Stony Brook University's Center for Korean Studies and Charles B. Wang Center.  




Tuesday, March 5, 2013 7P.M. 

Humanities Bld. 1006

The Grand Heist
Movie Night I- "The Grand Heist" ("Ba-ram-gwa Ham-gge Sa-ra-ji-da")

Bring a date or a group of friends and enjoy one of the best Korean movies of 2012! 
**Popcorn and refreshments will be served.

In the late 18th century of Joseon Dynasty, Ice is a commodity more valuable than gold. A gang of 11 unique professionals form to stop the monopoly of ice by corrupt officials. To do this, they must do the impossible by stealing the 10,000 tons of royal ice in one night. Come join us for a night of adventure!




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