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Hands-On Learning


Students in the School of Communication and Journalism have multiple opportunities to work in and with media organizations, in addition to a robust slate of internships.

You can join your professors on a trip to explore some of the leading newsrooms and media organizations in New York City through the Professional Fridays program. At least once a semester, you can take the train from campus with your professors and classmates to visit some of NYC's media hubs.

"My Life As" Speaker Series

Several times a year, some of the biggest names in media come to Stony Brook.

They talk about:

  • How they got their professional start 
  • What inspires them to tell stories that matter
  • Where the industry is headed, and how to prepare for it

Explore the My Life As Lecture Series

Professional Fridays in NYC

Our hands-on approach to media and communication extends well beyond our campus. As a journalism or mass communication student, you'll be invited to visit some of the top media organizations in the center of the media universe - NYC. 

There, you'll talk to some of the organization's leaders - some of whom got their start at Stony Brook - about what it's like to work in media. You'll also get to see the spaces - newsrooms and production spaces among them - where media professionals work to tell the stories that you read, see and hear.

You'll take the Long Island Railroad from campus to the city for only $10 because the SoCJ subsidizes the trip.




Student-Run Campus Media

While the School of Communication and Journalism does not oversee these student-run campus media organizations, our students are encouraged to get involved to gain valuable media and leadership experience, and meet other students. 

The Statesman   The Stony Brook Press  Stony Brook Independent   WUSB 90.1FM

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