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Working alongside professional journalists, reporting stories for a professional media organization is one of the most valuable educational experiences you can have. 

Internships can receive academic credit, and you’ll have a faculty mentor to help you find, apply for, and succeed along the way.

Most School of Communication and Journalism students choose to complete internships as a way of gaining real-world experience and networking with professionals.

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Regularly throughout the semester, students receive via email notice of recnetly posted internship opportunities. These internships come to the School through a partnership with the Stony Brook Career Center and SoCJ graduates. 

Internship Opportunities Abound

Our students have completed internships at CBS SportsCNNNational Geographic AdventureNewsdayThe Village VoiceWGIR-Radio and Glamour, among hundreds of other media outlets and organizations.


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International Reporting Fellowship

Live overseas and gain reporting experience for international news outlets. The program is offered in partnership with the Marie Colvin Center for International Reporting. 

It is exclusively available to students in the School of Communication and Journalism.


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WSHU Internship

Down the hall from the School of Communication and Journalism offices, Long Island's National Public Radio affiliate offers several internships a year to give students the chance to learn more about radio reporting. 

It is exclusively available to students in the School of Communication and Journalism.


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Loeb Internship Program

The internship program introduces SoCJ students to the expanding industry of branded, or custom content. Students gain hands-on experience by working with a variety of new companies at

The internship is paired with a campus workshop covering various communication methods in creating custom or branded content, from podcasts, social media posts, videos, to press releases, marketing materials and articles for various industries within Loeb’s portfolio.