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Forum Italicum

Forum Italicum is a peer-reviewed journal of Italian Studies, founded by M. Ricciardelli in 1967. The journal is intended as a meeting place where scholars, critics, and teachers can present their views on the literature, language, and culture of Italy. and other countries in relation to Italy. Young and hitherto unpublished scholars are encouraged to contribute their critical works.

The policy of Forum Italicum will remain flexible in order to keep the journal an open meeting place where scholarly writings, together with other contributions of general Italian interest, can give the reader a fresh, open outlook on subjects pertaining to the heritage of Italy. Contributions should normally be in English or Italian.

All manuscripts and editorial correspondence, books for reviews, and other business correspondence should be e-mailed to the editor, Mario Mignone, at the following address:

Submissions: Please submit your Word or.rtf document as an electronic attachment to the Editor. Your works must conform to the Harvard Style guidelines. Submissions must include an abstract of no more than 200 words and 4-5 key words. For more details, visit the Sage website:

Please include mailing address and your affiliation in your e-mail.

The editors and publishers assume no responsibility for the contributors' opinions.

Advertising and Permissions: Advertising inquiries and requests to reprint material from the journal should be directed to the editor of Forum Italicum.

For more information and to subscribe, please visit:


Mario B. Mignone, Stony Brook University, USA

Associate editor
Sebastiano Martelli, Università di Salerno, Italia
Franco Vitelli, Università di Bari, Italia

Book review editor
Marco Codebo,  Long Island University. USA

Executive Editorial Board
Alessandro Carrera  University of Houston, USA
Giulia Dell'Aquila Università di Bari, Italia
Domenica Falardo Università di Salerno, Italia
Giuseppe Gazzola, Stony Brook University, USA

Editorial assistant
Donna Severino, Stony Brook University, USA

Editorial advisory board
Giogia Alu,  University of Sydney, Australia
Pierpaolo Antonello,  University of Cambridge, UK
Zygmunt G. Baranski,   University of Notre Dame, USA
Norma Bouchard,   University of Connecticut, USA
Francesco Bruni,   Università di Venezia, Italia
Maria José Calvo Montoro,   University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Franco Contorbia,   Università di Genova, Italia
Giulia Dell'Aquila,   Università di Bari, Italia
Edoardo Esposito,   University of Avignon, France
George Ferzoco,   University of Bristol, UK
Diana Glenn,   Flinders University, Australia
Hermann W. Haller,   Queens College, CUNY, USA
William J. Kennedy,   Cornell University, USA
Manfred Lentzen,   University of Münster, Germany
Michael Lettieri,   University of Toronto, Mississauga, Canada
Antonia Lezza,   Università di Salerno, Italia
Stefano Luconi,   Roma Tor Vergata, Italia
Giuseppe Mazzotta,  Yale University, USA
Lino Pertile,   Harvard University, USA
Bernardo Piciché,   Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Silvio Ramat,   Università di Padova, Italia
Marco Santagata,   Università di Pisa
Luigi Tassoni,   University of Pécs, Hungary
Carlo Testa,   University of British Columbia, Canada
Tatiana Yakushkina,  St. Petersburg State University, Russia

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