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Italian Classes for the Community


community class


Fall/ Spring Program  Program for Children 


Would you like to speak Italian and learn about Italian culture? Do you have some knowledge of Italian but you would like to learn more? Would you like to retain your language skills by practicing with other students?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, we have an Italian class for you! 

The Center for Italian Studies is pleased to offer Italian Classes for the Community. These courses are designed to expose students to Italian language and culture according to prior knowledge and individual needs. 


Course Descriptions: 

Beginning Italian 

An introduction to the language for those with little or no knowledge of Italian. The course introduces basic grammar concepts and topical vocabulary. Students will practice listening, reading and writing in the language, and will be able to practice simple dialogues with fellow classmates. Elements of Italian history and culture will also be presented.

Elementary Italian 

For students who have studied at least 1 year of the Italian language or have not studied for awhile. This class will review basic grammar concepts and topical vocabulary. Students will practice listening, reading, and writing in the language and simple dialogues with fellow classmates. Elements of Italian history and culture will also be presented.

Intermediate Italian

For students with the equivalent of 2-3 years in Italian. This class offers a more formal approach to the language and will focus on more complex grammar including the past, imperfect, and future verb forms. Along with the development of a more extensive vocabulary, opportunities to improve listening, speaking, and reading and writing skills, and a more in-depth discussion of Italian history and culture will be introduced.

Advanced  Italian

For those with at least 4 years of Italian instruction. We will review and introduce all past, present, and future verb forms, topical vocabulary and cultural readings. Students will be called on to speak during each lesson, giving comments, opinions and reactions to cultural readings, along with participation in small group activities to strengthen conversational skills. 

Please note: Class will be  conducted predominantly in Italian. 

 Format: Virtual Online (Zoom) with possible in-person opportunities

Structure: 44 hours of instruction (22 two-hour sessions) 

Annual Fee is $330


We continue to offer our Italian Language Program for Adults in an online format using video conferencing and distance learning technologies. 

Registered students will receive notification via email from their instructor with information regarding course materials as well as links to access the online classes. We will continue to provide the same quality of instruction you have come to expect from the                                    Center for Italian Studies.

We look forward to helping you improve your Italian through a fun learning experience! 

For additional information, please email


 Fall 2023- Spring 2024 Class Days and Times 

Class Schedule Instructor

Beginner Italian

Joseph Tursi
Elementary Italian Tuesday
Donna Di Natale
Intermediate Italian Saturday
AnnaMaria D'Agostino
Advanced Italian Saturday
Donna Di Natale

 FaLL 2023- Spring 2024 Class Calendar 



Elementary Italian
Donna Di Natale

Beginner Italian
Joseph Tursi

Intermediate Italian
AnnaMaria D'Agostino

Advanced Italian
Donna Di Natale


October 3 October 7 October 7
October 10 October 14 October 14
  October 21  
  October  28  
November 7 November 4 November 4
November 14 November 18 November 11
November 21   November 18
 November 28    
December 5 December 2 December 2
 December 12 December 9 December 9
December 19 December 16 December 16
January 9 January 13 January 13
 January 16 January  20 January 20
January 23 January 27 January 27
 January 30    
 February 6  February 3  February 3
 February 13  February 10  February 10
 February 20  February 17 February 17
 February 27   February 24
 March 5 March 2 March 2
 March 12 March 9 March 9
 March 19 March 16 March 16
 March 26 March 23 March 23
April 9 April 13
April 13

April 16
April 20 April 20
  April 27 April 27

To enroll in one of our classes in the Fall 2023- Spring 2024 Program, please complete the
registration form below and submit with the $330 fee, as per the directions noted in the form.




  1. Name: ______________________________________________________________________
  2. Address: ____________________________________________________________________
  3. Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________
  4. Email Address: _______________________________________________________________
  5. Selected Class Level: __________________________________________________________

Mail completed registration form
along with the class fee of $330 in the form of a check
made payable to IFR 910026 to the address below

The Center for Italian Studies
Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library, Rm. E-4340
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3358


Italian Language Program for Children

children program

This program is currently not being offered.

As soon as we have plans to resume it, we will update this page with relevant information about enrollment, timetables, etc.  

 For additional information, please email