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Italian Classes for the Community


Fall/ Spring ProgramSummer ProgramProgram for Children 


Would you like to speak Italian and learn about Italian culture? Do you have some knowledge of Italian but you would like to learn more? Would you like to retain your language skills by practicing with other students?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the quesitons above, we have have an Italian class for you! 

The Center for Italian Studies is pleased to sponsor our Italian Classes for the Community. These courses are designed to expose students to Italian language and culture according to prior knowledge and individual needs. 


Course Descriptions: 

Beginner Italian 

for students with little or no knowledge of Italian. 

Elementary Italian

for students who have had classes in Beginner/Basic Italian. 

Intermediate Italian

for students with the equivalent of 2-3 years of Italian 

Advanced  Italian

for students with at least 3-4 years of Italian 

 Format: Virtual Online (Zoom) with some specially arranged in-person opportunities

Structure: 44 hours of instruction (22 two-hour sessions) 

Annual Fee is $300


We continue to offer our Italian Language Program for Adults in an online format using video conferencing and distance learning technologies. 

Registered students will receive notification via email from their instructor with information regarding course materials as well as links to access the video conference call classes. We will continue to provide the same quality of instruction you have come to expect from the Center for Italian Studies classes and look forward to your having a successful learning experience. 

For additional information, please call 631-632-7444 or email


 Fall 2022-2023 Class Days and Times 

Class Schedule Instructor

Beginner Italian

Joseph Tursi
Elementary Italian Tuesday
Donna Di Natale
Intermediate Italian Wednesday
Christen Viseglie
AnnaMaria D'Agostino
Advanced Italian Saturday
Donna Di Natale

 FaLL 2022-2023 Class Calendar 




Elementary Italian
Donna Di Natale

Intermediate Italian
Christen Viseglie

Beginner Italian
Joseph Tursi

Intermediate Italian
AnnaMaria D'Agostino

Advanced Italian
Donna Di Natale


October 11 October 5 October 8 October 8
October 25 October 12 October 15 October 29
  October 19 October 22  
  October 26 October  29  
November 1 November 2 November 5 November 5
November8 November 9 November 19 November 12
November15 November 16   November19
 November 22 November 30    
 November 29      
December 6 December 7 December 3 December 3
 December 13 December 14 December 10 December 10
December 20   December 17 December 17
January 10 January 4 January 14 January 14
 January 17 January 11 January  21 January 21
January 24 January 18 January 28 January 28
 January 31 January 25    
 February 7 February 8  February 4  February 4
 February 14 February 15  February 11  February 11
 February 21    February 18 February 18
 February 28     February 25
 March 7 March 1 March 4 March 4
 March 14 March 8 March 11 March 11
 March 21 March 15 March 18 March 18
 March 28 March 22 March 25 March 25
  March 29    
  April 19 April1
April 1
    April 15 April 22
    April 22 April 29

To register, please complete all required information below: 

Make checks payable for $300 to: IFR 910026 

 Mail registration form and check to: 

Center for Italian Studies
Melville Library, E4340
Stony Brook University 
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3358 

NAME __________________________________________________________________________ 

MAILING ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________ 

PHONE _________________________________________________________________________

E-MAIL _________________________________________________________________________ 

SELECTED CLASS LEVEL__________________________________________________________

CLASS DAY/TIME________________________________________________________________ 



Summer Program

The Center for Italian Studies is extending its online Virtual Program of Italian Language Classes 2022-2023 to include a special summer session.

Classes will be offered on Zoom in a session of eight (8) one-hour classes at different levels  as noted on the schedule posted below.

Registration is not yet open for this session.
More information will be posted soon!



Basic Italian

Tuesday, 7:30-8:30 pm

Donna Di Natale

Intermediate Italian

Saturday, 11:00am-12:00pm

Anna Maria D'Agostino

Advanced Italian

Thursday, 7:30-8:30 pm

Donna Di Natale

June 6

June 3

June 8

June 13

June 10

June 15

June 20

June 17

June 22

June 27

June 24

June 29

July 11


July 6

July 18

July 8

July 13

July 25

July 15

July 20

Aug 1

July 22

July 27




Italian Language Program for Children

children program We had hoped to be able to update you sooner than this about the status and the possibility of our resuming classes after we necessarily had to cancel the Fall 2021 classes due to COVID-19 health crisis.

We will keep you informed about our efforts of resuming this program.

 For additional information, please call 631-632-7444 or email