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Long Island Ecology & Greenhouse Teaching Laboratory 

The Program

This learning experience is offered in conjunction with Life Sciences Greenhouse and the Institute for STEM Education.  The activity is divided into three parts and will take three hours. 

Activity 1:

Students will be given a tour of the greenhouse.  Topics discussed during the tour include:

Plant adaptation
Asexual reproduction
Overall importance of plants

Activity 2:

PowerPoint presentation.

Plant nutrition
Nutrient cycles
Long Island ecology

Activity 3:

Students will construct their own succulent dish garden to take home.

greenhouse pic
Scheduling a Science Teaching Program for Your School

Please book labs for your classes as early as possible as we reach our maximum capacity each year.  We can accommodate one class per day.

Start times are somewhat flexible.

Cost:   The  cost is $27.00 per student.

To schedule your class please call (631-632-9750) or e-mail

John Klumpp