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Earth Science Teaching Laboratory


The Program

A hands-on learning experience in earth science activities is available for your students through the Earth Science Teaching Center. Your students will apply their classroom knowledge of earth science to unique laboratory and field experiences. 

Our classes are taught by teams of instructors including University faculty and students in the Science Education program. All lessons are aligned with the New York State science education standards. Specific standards met by these activities can be viewed in these files:

NYS Standards for Earth Science Regents Core Curriculum

NYS Standards for Intermediate Science Core Curriculum 

The Facilities

Stony Brook University is readily accessible in its mid-Suffolk location. Parking for school buses is available. Students may bring lunch or puchase it at a cafeteria on campus.


Geology is everywhere and we will bring it to your school! We will bring geologic survey equipment and teach your students how to use them. Students will work in teams of four to construct topographic maps of your school's surroundings. Qualifies for approximately 120-180 Regents laboratory minutes.   This lab can be performed at your school or at Stony Brook and can be combined with the Microclimates Lab.


A professional grade river simulator with a variety of laboratory exercises. Students can model real world geologic processes while earning about 240 Regents laboratory minutes. A lab book documents their work and hours. In addition, this laboratory also features separate experiments which examine porosity and permeability of aquifers.


Our water cycle is governed by properties of Porosity and Permeability below the surface of the land. Where does our drinking water come from? Where does it go? In this program, students will perform experiments which will teach them about the movement of water within the water cycle. Qualifies for approximately 120 N.Y. State Regents laboratory minutes.  This lab can be performed at your school or it can be combined with the Stream Table Laboratory on our campus.


Microclimates are all around us! They are created between the buildings we build and exist in the spaces that are left green. How can we design our world to create spaces which are optimal for both nature and us? Student will use heat sensors and weather meters to gather data and study this problem. This lab qualifies for about 120-180 Regents laboratory minutes.  This Laboratory can be performed at your school or at Stony Brook and can be combined with the Topography Lab.


1) A walking tour of the unique geology of Caumsett State park includuing 100 foot high cliffs exposing glacial and Cretaceous sediments.
2) Experiments to model the geologic processes at work on Long Island's northern shores.
3) An examination of the evidence for the glacial history at Caumsett.
4) The ecology of Caumsett: How do geology, biology and weather interact together at this site? 
This field trip cannot be done in winter


$13 per student per lab; two labs can be scheduled on one day.


Two hours are needed to complete a lab. Times are somewhat flexible. Max of 24 students in each lab.

To schedule your class please call (631-632-9750) or e-mail  istem

Christopher Marotta